DVD "JW's Faith In Action, part 1 Out of Darkness" Omits! Omits! Omits!

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  • diamondiiz

    sherah: u have pm with part 1

  • sherah

    got it....thank you!

  • Sayswho

    sherah check your mail :) let me know how these links worked, thanks

  • baltar447

    why doesn't someone just seed it to bittorrent? I got it already, just saying it would be easier.

  • baltar447

    LOL, I just started watching it. It makes it look like they were spreading literature in Jesus time! and what's with the weirdo artwork? It looks like they got the artist from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    Seriously, did they write these scrolls out by hand? Wow.

  • finallysomepride

    someone please pm me the link, thanks


  • diamondiiz

    few points from part 2 just on russell

    5:45 outright lie as Russell never said Christ would began ruling in 1914, prior to that they whitewash Russell's dates and deceive dubs about 1914 but at this point it's an outright lie.

    7:24 another programming technique of circling Aug month as if they pointed to the WWI when the conflict began

    "pinpoint that year, that's phenomenal" - lol they expected the end not the beginning, luckly 99% of dubs don't realize that

    10:53 - he spend his entire fortune preaching the bibles' message, I guess they don't count the fact that he owned some 90% of the shares in the wts and 90% of shares in other of his corporation. I suppose he was broke and wts corporation covered all the expenses he incurred, thus deception is great but not to us who know the truth.

    11:43 - "gone home" in 1916 and then again in 1918 when Rutherford chaged dates for heavenly resurrection :)

    13:07 - "events proclaimed almost 40 years earlier" - deception at best as his proclamation had nothing to do with ww1


  • Mythbuster

    Can I get the link in a pm please? Thanks

  • booby

    designs. You said what's to write about. I think they avoided mention of marriage to avoid any need to explain why that changed.

  • Mythbuster

    Many thanks!

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