DVD "JW's Faith In Action, part 1 Out of Darkness" Omits! Omits! Omits!

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  • Wrong Way
    Wrong Way

    Another question - to whom do they give interviews if they themselves are the authors of the video?

  • cantleave

    I have a confession - I never watched the Society's video's when I was in. They just never appealed. I can't belive that picture titus - that had got nugget and I pissing ourselves laughing.

  • Wrong Way
    Wrong Way

    LOL, Cantleave and Nugget!

    The movie is stupid, isn't it?

  • 3Mozzies

    So the JWs came out of Darkness and into the Light.

    "Who's light?" should be asked . . .

    Isaiah 50:10-11

    Who among YOU people is in fear of Jehovah, listening to the voice of his servant, who has walked in continual darkness and for whom there has been no brightness? Let him trust in the name of Jehovah and support himself upon his God. “Look! All YOU who are igniting a fire, making sparks light up, walk in the light of YOUR fire, and amid the sparks that YOU have set ablaze. From my hand YOU will certainly come to have this: In sheer pain YOU will lie down.

    Do these idiots ever read their own bible?


  • callitquits76

    Does anybody have a torrent/ rapidshare link for this work of art?

  • Gayle

    callitquits76,,are you just wanting the 'picture' itself of the door to door illustration? Can't you just do a copy & paste here of it here?

  • Nebeska Nada
    Nebeska Nada

    Titus, I sent you a PM.

  • callitquits76

    I need a torrent link to the actual 'documentary' please!

  • sabastious


  • Violia

    Are these videos up on you tube or anywhere else? I see there has not been any further comments in a year.

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