DVD "JW's Faith In Action, part 1 Out of Darkness" Omits! Omits! Omits!

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    didnt get a chance to download them before they got deleted, can i has the new links please?

  • tenyearsafter

    Just finished watching it...I am quite underwhelmed.

    The twisting of Christendom's teachings on Trinity and the Soul were to be expected, but what really caught my attention was the decrying of Christendom's great apostasy while at the same time commenting favorably on the translation of the Bible by early Catholics up through Wycliffe, the writings of Martin Luther and other Reformationists and the awakening of Herr, Storrs, Barbour and the Second Adventists. The picking and choosing of who was good and who was bad seemed quite selective.

    There was a distinct absence of any of Russell's more "unique" teachings such as using the measurements of the Great Pyramid to determine chronology, his being the Faithful and Discreet Slave or the home of God being on the planet Pleiades. The downplaying of the "End" coming in 1914 was also interesting...and slanted.

    I was surprised how little time was spent on Rutherford outside of his being jailed in 1918 for boldly defending the Truth against the corrupt and apostate clergy. Nothing on his later changes to doctrine.

    All in all, it was a very "vanilla" presentation...or as my wife put it, "boring"!!

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    Please send me a link for downloading the dvd. Sounds interesting to see ;-)

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    Juan Viejo2

    I managed to get part one, but not the second part. Can anyone PM me a new link to part 2?


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    Witness My Fury

    Titus, a genuine thankyou for your efforts here.

    Can someone PM (assuming i have it with low postcount) me some live links.


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    OK, I will. As soon as we get some live links.

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    booby, my bad attempt at rye humor

    Most Witnesses don't know how much Maria was involved in writing and editing of the works Charles published plus her own direct writings. She showed interest in the suffragette movement which rankled Charles. As a Pastor or even a Deacon going through a divorce Charles should have stepped down from his responsibilities, but not him. His switch to open Zionism was an attempt to get the Jewish community's financial support.

    diamoniiz, thanks for marking the time when certain subjects are discussed..

    All in all it sounds like a shorter version of the Proclaimer's Book with the same revisionistic look at the history of the Watchtower.

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    Could anyone of you please PM me the link(s) to the DVD rip?

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    i need part 2 link, the link i have is broken(RapidShare)

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    designs. Right you are. Most witnesses don't know much about alot of these details. I am cutting and pasting a little experience I had past weekend, and although I know how blinded so many are including my brother who I was visiting, I was still amazed at some of the stuff that came out of their mouths. Life is really weird tho. Right know I am listening to a talk given by Ray Franz, Yes the ray that just passed, and it is clear that he was just as "in" as anyone else is/has been, at the time of this talk. I think it is circa 1970'ish, and it makes clear how far he had to go to get out from the cult. Anyway for anyone who has read this far, this is the pasted info

    I had a talk with my brother and sis inlaw yesterday. They are eighty years young and like fifty years in the truff. They are the ones that my wife and I studied with, which study convinced us it was the truth. My wife and I have, after now been "free" for about five years after about thirty-five years in. Because of their age I don't see the point of hammering away at the idea of them leaving. I don't even have much chance to have discussions with them. But, yesterday was an exception, did have a discussion and although knowing how their thought process goes I can or must say I was blown away by the way this cult has them in their grasp. My brother has no good answers for many of the points I am able to bring up and so uses the defence, I don't know what the answer to it all is. This in spite of the fact that he still serves as an elder. So it was just reinforced to me that it doesn't matter if they come up with some stupid new generation or a book that hides all the silly stuff or a dvd, they will swallow, maybe hard if necessary and carry on believing the bull,

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