DVD "JW's Faith In Action, part 1 Out of Darkness" Omits! Omits! Omits!

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    Titus: You da man. You are a man aren't you? I had a talk with my brother and sis inlaw yesterday. They are eighty years young and like fifty years in the truff. They are the ones that my wife and I studied with, which study convinced us it was the truth. My wife and I have, after now been "free" for about five years after about thirty-five years in. Because of their age I don't see the point of hammering away at the idea of them leaving. I don't even have much chance to have discussions with them. But, yesterday was an exception, did have a discussion and although knowing how their thought process goes I can or must say I was blown away by the way this cult has them in their grasp. My brother has no good answers for many of the points I am able to bring up and so uses the defence, I don't know what the answer to it all is. This in spite of the fact that he still serves as an elder. So it was just reinforced to me that it doesn't matter if they come up with some stupid new generation or a book that hides all the silly stuff or a dvd, they will swallow, maybe hard if necessary and carry on believing the bull,

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    My favorite quote (regarding Henry Grew): "He had a very interesting philosophy on the study of the Bible: Let Scripture interpret Scripture"...

    Golly, Dave, does that mean if I study the Bible using only the Bible, it should be sufficient to interpret itself without Watchtower materials? I guess you won't brand me an "apostate" if I do so, right?

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    Henry Grew was just reiterating the old Protestant cry of sola scriptura. The Society took the Catholic side of the argument. Nothing much changes. The gaps in logic and the hypocrisy in Protestantism keeps many Witnesses locked in mentally. So many think that religion and going to some denomination is a necessary part of social life in America.

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    I have watched the first half and found interesting that no mention whatsoever is made of Russel becoming a "married" man.

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    Make that 'Celibate married man' ............... what's to write about

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