DVD "JW's Faith In Action, part 1 Out of Darkness" Omits! Omits! Omits!

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  • VM44

    "The dramatization of the account had the directors of the Society violently yelling at a Rutherford who sat meekly in the face of their assault."

    The Watchtower can portray what happened in any way they wish to. No one is still living who could contradict them.

  • VM44

    Could someone please upload the DVD again?

    An English version would be appreciated if it is available.


  • yknot

    I know of a link....... check you PM

  • Titus

    Thank you, Tonky!

    Everyone who wanted it! Attention! You have a PM now!

    (I sent a hundred PMs this morning!)


  • brotherdan

    I've been watching the video as well, and noticed a few things. Around the 25 minute mark there are photos of bible students posing with the "divine plan of the ages" pyramid chart. Another photo shows this same chart on the wall behind them.

    I think one of the most blatent lies in the video was the reason for the separation from Nelson Barber. It was NOT merely over the ransom sacrifice.

    THe video that was being shared on here is totally in spanish (with english subs). Is there an english version anywhere?

  • brotherdan

    I wish they'd have included how Joe Rutherford had Canadian bethelites sneak in booze for him during the prohibition. That would've added some excitement.

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Got the DVD, ripped high quality MP4 H.264 format video. Trying to make my first Torrent, since it's 699MB for the two parts. Will one of you torrent-leachers try it, then continue seeding? PM me if you can't reach the file... I may need to unlock a port on my router.


  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    bttt to see if I can get a Torrent leacher to try my FIA torrent and seed it out there. I haven't seen any peers attach yet. Thanks!

  • Invetigator74

    Have the congregations received the DVD in their bookrooms or taking orders? I'll try to see a copy from my folks(and burn one )

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Like most DC releases they aren't likely to be available for order until September. That said, there is sometimes overstock surplus at the convention that some lit servant can bring home to his congregation.

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