DVD "JW's Faith In Action, part 1 Out of Darkness" Omits! Omits! Omits!

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  • wannabefree

    I ripped it to my computer, but I suppose I would have to shrink it to another format ... suggestions?

  • AuntBee

    Cabasilas you have a pm.

  • andy5421

    wannabefree: look for a VOB>AVI Converter program on the net, use that to post it and if you wanna post it online use www.vidreel.com to post it. I've seen full length movies from there.

    Not as fansy-schmansy as yourube but then agin you should get any flak about having it online from there

  • Titus

    RIP that in AVI, and upload on RapidShare!

    700MB, 640x480, audio: 96kbits.


    Will anybody do that?

  • wannabefree

    I converted to AVI but it is 900MB

  • Titus

    OK. Upload.

    And, don't make links public. You know........... "Copyright claim by WTBTS of Pennsylvanias".

    Upload that with title..... "Titanic" or something else...... and send links by PM... to me, or someone else...... I will forward it if needed to someone else..... and so on........

  • SirNose586

    I overheard my folks watching the DVD last night. They talked about the Rutherford trial and of course, left out that the reason why they were released from jail was because writs of error had been claimed, and there was no point in retrying the case as the war was over. All the new DVD now says is, "President Wilson looked at their jail terms and felt that these were too excessive. [Some months later], all Watchtower officials were released from prison, and the charges dropped."

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Rutherford's son was named Malcolm. He was so pissed at his father (even though he held a decent job at the WT for a short time), that he and his mother would not even attend the Judge's funeral.

  • designs

    Its probably like the Proclaimer's Book, which was a revisionistic retelling of the history of the two groups.

    The Bible Students and the Witnesses are two completely different religions only connected by a few individuals and some real estate.

  • wannabefree

    How does one get a video from rapidshare?

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