Who of you in this forum have been df'ed?

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  • dubla


    I am a sort of psychiatrist
    how can you be a "sort of" psychiatrist? i dont think id want a "sort of" brain surgeon operating on me......you might not want to print that on your business cards.


  • YoYoMama
    I guess an apostate site feeds you
    what your congregation cannot?

    That's not the point. I wanted to prove to myself that what the Watchtower says about apostates is true.

    There are more ex-witnesses than active witnesses.
    There's more that 6 million ex-witnesses? I doubt it.
  • Budda Belly
    Budda Belly

    Yo Yo..

    How long have you been a Witness?

  • YoYoMama

    20 years baptized. Been around witnesses 30 years.

  • seven006


    I appreciate your comment and I understand where you are coming from. I am in no way under the delusion that I am going to convince YoYo of anything. I am playing with him more for entertainment purposes than anything else. I am very familiar with his inability to reason. That's what makes it fun.

    I am not cruel or vulgarly insulting to him. I am just having fun watching him squirm a little. I know he can't see himself squirm but the rest of us can. I think he has a good heart and he means well. I also think he has the ability to laugh at himself. Sometimes that's the best thing in finally discovering that you have been lying to yourself. I'll bet you money he hates doing the door to door work. If he is smart like I was he is going out in service with an elder. That means he is going on the same back calls week after week and avoiding the embarrassment of knocking on peoples doors. The sad part is I'll also bet he will never admit that.

    I don't believe for it a second when he says this little adventure has strengthen his faith in the religion.
    I think he has some real guts coming on to this board. I have seen his level and style of posting change dramatically in the last week. If he is as smart as I think he is, he will be leaving us soon. He has a wife and kids in the religion. That is a big influence to keep him saying what he is saying.

    I may be wrong and I do not like to say that I know what other people are thinking like he does to me, but I can only go by what I see and read. Everyone here can read him like a book. We've all experienced the same exact story in our own lives.

    Tag, it's your turn YoYo!

    Take care,


  • ianao

    YoYo is human just like the rest of us, he/she just doesn't want to admit that he/she is wrong. Nobody does if you think about it.

  • Budda Belly
    Budda Belly

    Yo Yo,

    My family of seven were all witnesses.
    Today, we are all ex-Witnesses.

    A strange thing is that all of the witnesses we
    were close to are also now Ex-witnesses.

    The few times we visited our old halls.. we barely
    recognized the place, as everyone we knew has been dfed, daed,
    or simply dwifted away.

    Call the Watchtower and ask them to give you the stats...
    They will refuse you.. after all, they do not like the
    fact that thier "was one of us " files are larger than
    the "still faithful" files.

    When I was at Bethal..first in Brooklyn..later at the Farms..
    My roomate worked the files. An office which sole purpose is too
    keeps tabs on the flock.
    Do you know what's in your file?


  • Budda Belly
    Budda Belly

    Yo Yo..

    20 yrs bap. 30 associated.

    Are you around the age of 30, having been born in the
    Truth or are you much older, afraid to leave, realizing
    that this is all you have considering the time invested?


  • seven006

    <<<There's more that 6 million ex-witnesses? I doubt it.>>>

    There are more than 6 Billion Buddhist YoYo, maybe they are right? Have you ever read the story of Buddha? It reads like the story of Christ.

    Walking on water, healing the sick and blind, Virgin birth, 12 apostles, sheep and goats, sky darkening on his death, prophesied birth as a savior, even down to the parable of the lady and the mustard seed. It's almost word for word.

    The funny thing is, the story of Buddha is 500 years older than the same story of Christ. Just thought I would let you build your faith up a little on that one. I'm sure you have never read that story, its forbidden reading for faithful JW's. Makes it easy for the JW leaders to keep all you guys in the dark!

    Makes you wonder a little bit dosen't it? If you have the truth a little outside reading shouldn't shake your faith now will it? Go'head, make my day! I'll even give you the web site link if you like. It's interesting reading.

    A Tribute to Hinduism - Hinduism's influence
    HINDUISM PAGE The Upanishads: Frames version

    I hope these links work, I think I did it wrong

    Have fun and take care,


  • seven006

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