Who of you in this forum have been df'ed?

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  • butalbee

    You know as a self-acclaimed sinner with hardly a witness conscious[okay half true], I would like just to comment on YO-YO's post by saying whole-heartedly--you can go @$%# yourself...

    Where are you YO-YO, please enlighten us with your best dub visage.

  • cynicus
    If it is possible can you post why you were disfellowshipped?

    What kind of JW are you? Don't you even know there's only ONE SINGLE REASON in JW doctrine that allows someone to be disfellowshipped? So say after me: a JW can only be disfellowshipped for being NOT REPENTANT. I've you've been taught otherwise better demand a refund. You've been lied to.

    There is no sin that by itself provokes disfellowshipping of any kind. It is the NON REPENTANCY of what the GB defines as sin, and the JUDGMENT OF A JUDICIAL COMMITTEE of this repentance being genuine that possibly gets your ass kicked out. Obviously the latter clause is the catch.

    So there's two possible answers to your question:

    1) I was not repentant.
    2) I was repentant but the judicial committee didn't buy it.

    Every absurdity has a champion to defend it.

  • Abaddon

    YoYoMama; I've not been disfellowshipped, nor am I disassociated, which means it won't hurt your conscience to talk to me, and to hear me tell you what a contemptable little hypocrite you are.

    I have to assume you actually still believe in the 'Truth' to ask such a question (unless your reply indicating you intensions was ironic in some way).

    You must use the 'Back' button an awful lot to avoid seeing, on a daily basis, clear proof that it is not the 'Truth', in scriptual terms, in organisational term, in historical term or in sceintific terms.

    But you seem, despite the fact you still believe, to think that you can choose which of the Societies guidelines to follow; I guess you are such a superfine apostle that the 'rules' regarding using the Internet don't apply to you.

    Of course, I'm sure, if you're living with someone, you probably scrub your cache and cookie store, and don't mention this site to anyone at the meetings. Which means you know you are doing something wrong, or at least something you could be punished for.

    And, as you believe in him, it means you know, if you think about it, that Jehovah can see your hypocracy, your rebelliousness, your independant spirit, as you might keep it quite from your Congregation, but you can't keep secrets from Jah, can you.

    How utterly pathetic. Will you talk to yourself when you get disfellowshipped?

    Of course, a more accurate representation of your internalised state would be this;

    You know it's wrong, deep inside. You can't ignore this little worm of doubt. It eats away at you and makes your worship taste of ashes, and speaking to others about your faith revolting.

    You are driven to find out WHY, why it feels so wrong, so you search for information, places like here.

    To make yourself feel better about this (as you know you are doing something wrong), you set yourself a little sub-set of rules. Yes, going to a site crammed with DF'd and DA'd people is wrong. So you won;t talk to them, which means you're not really doing anything wrong.

    It's a horrible stage to be going through, and the sooner you can realise you can probably trust the disfellowshipped people here more than Brother's A to Z when it comes to talking about what you think and feel, the sooner the awful conflict in your head will begin to diffuse. It's called cognotive dissonance, combined with 'special pleading' (making up your own rules).

    All the best in getting better.

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

  • Hmmm


    I'm not disfellowshipped. Never have been, never will be.

    I think I know where you're coming from, and that's probably why I don't feel the disgust toward you that some are voicing. YoYo, you're going through a very tough stage right now, one that most of us have been through: Catching a subconscious inkling that you've been believing a lie for X years, and fighting hard against what it will mean--the crumbling of your entire belief system, and probably the loss of loved ones.

    I used to be a Regular Pioneer and MS, and was known as a super-spiritual brother, and all that good stuff (which means I was a pompous, arrogant, judgmental jerk) but I never railed against "apostates" more than when I was starting to have tiny nagging doubts that prayer and study wouldn't silence. My therapy was to visit sites like this one, or IRC chat forums. When I saw the debauched lives that these former brothers were leading, and the abject hatred that they had for our Loving Father and Universal Sovereign, Jehovah, I was appalled and excited at the same time. You know the feeling--being horrified at how debased former Lovers of Divine Wisdom could be, yet giddy at the prospect of seeing them destroyed when God's Mighty Day of Judgment arrived.

    But a funny thing happened. I ran into more and more arguments that I couldn't refute. I found it harder to defend doctrinal inconsistancies that I, myself, was struggling with internally. Eventually (and I won't lie to you, it took a long time and was very painful, emotionally) I decided to take an honest look at all of my beliefs. The rest is history.

    YoYo, if you continue visiting sites like this, and the informational sites like Randy's, I'm confident you'll one day be responding to some poor misguided JW who takes on a desperate air of superiority--making a point of finding out who's DFd so he can make sure not to respond to them--as a last-ditch effort to prove to himself that the questions that keep him awake at night don't mean he's spiritually weak. Just go easy on the guy, will ya? Remember that he's no different than you were way back when; he won't listen to your arguments--no matter how logical--until he's ready.


  • YoYoMama

    To Everyone:

    I am a sort of psychiatrist and most of my questions help me understand what makes you tick. I really don't mean to offend anyone. To tell you the truth, every day that I read posts in this forum it strengthens my faith in Jehovah and his Organization.

  • ianao

    No offense YoYoMamma, but judging from your posts, eating cornflakes strengthens your faith in Jehovah (and of COURSE, 'his Organization').

    To Everyone:

    I am a sort of psychiatrist and most of my questions help me understand what makes you tick. I really don't mean to offend anyone. To tell you the truth, every day that I read posts in this forum it strengthens my faith in Jehovah and his Organization.


    "To Everyone:

    I can't answer any of the burning questions given to me lately by members of this forum, therefore, I would now like to make a face-saving attempt to re-inforce my doubting mind and preserve my crumbling world-view by telling myself that everything is ok."

  • Adonai438

    I wasn't DF'ed-
    I was never baptised- so I could not be DFed-
    I would have been baptised if I had not I read the Bible for myself when I did. I never filed formal dissaccociation papers but verbally told them that I was a believer in the true Yahweh of the Bible and that meant I was no longer a Jehovah's Witness and would not be attending any longer. I gave them my scriptural reasons and they didn't have much to say.
    In Yahweh's Service, Angie
    P.S. Still waiting on that e-mail YYMM :)
    "It is better to take refuge in Yahweh than to trust in man"
    Psalm 118:8

  • Abaddon

    YoYoMama; okay, please give an example where you can prove a thread on this discussion board, which exposes or discusses some perceived fault in JW teaching, is in error.

    There are plenty to choose from, like;

    The UN issue



    Jehovah's Witnesses conformation to standard descriptions of high-control groups

    ... but hell, choose your own, there is such choice...

    While you are at it, please explain your own hypocracy in even daring to post here (in violation of Society guidlines) AND at the same time, trying to operate your own little sheep-from-goats policy. Are you telling me you don't think you are Mr Superfine? You sure come over that way.

    Remember, I have 'fallen away' (ha! loaded language! I WALKED), so you're safe to speak to me, and might save me from the error of my ways, which is surely the only real reason you'd have coming here...

    Of course, it might just be a little much for you to deal with, you might not be able to answer the faults of the WTBTS that are discussed everyday here, and you'll run away until the doubts get strong enough to make you start looking for an answer to your turmoil again...

    I hope you saty and defend your 'faith'. Truth does not need to hide or cover it's ears or eyes, anyone who tells you different is lying. Truth can answer all, and does not run from opposition...

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

  • seven006


    You have never made one single comment on this board that would lead any intelligent educated person to believe you have even the slightest ability in the field of psychiatry.

    You use this board to preach sermons and ask questions that you have no intention on following up on. To tell you the truth, I think this board has shaken your faith to a frightening level for you but you are too blind and stubborn to admit it.

    No one is buying your explanation here YoYo. You can lie to us but it is the lying to yourself that will cause the ultimate damage here. Many have asked you the same question several times including me, Do you think we are all idiots?

    I hope you figure it out someday.

    Take care,


  • FideiDefensor


    Just curious but what nick did you use on IRC? If you don't mind saying that is. I have spent alot of time on dalnet and some on undernet so am wondering if I've seen you there. I used the same nick I use here.

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