All this fighting is worthless

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    Hey You Know,you talk about liars and con men in the world.I`ll bet if Danni looked up your THREAD "Lets make a little wager"she would find someone just like that,YOU!!!And when you lost your bet you,wouldn`t pay up.Just think,it can all be read there right in your own Thread.On top of all that you can`t follow the rules of your own religion,other wise you would`t be posting on this board.If you don`t believe in the rules of your own religion,why try to get anyone else to?Advise is not something to give,just because your not using it.As usual,please keep posting,you are a good example of what happens when someone supports a mindless cult...OUTLAW

  • unclebruce


    I spent time in the little secret library the JW's have on the administration floor in Brooklyn.
    What I would have given for that twenty or even ten years ago. A friend of mine has access to Brooklyn but he hasn't been into devils kitchen. Meeting the big boys in private certainly would rock your faith in Jehovah's Organization (if a man had any spine at all)

    cheers, unclebruce


    Beautifully said Tina!


  • IslandWoman


    Thanks for the calm gentlemanly reply. So far I have come across you, aChristian and UncleBruce and a couple of other men here who have the ability to take a shot to the chin without instantly turning around to "kill" their opponent.

    This is so fine. You are to be respected and I will.


  • dungbeetle

    Personally, Danni, I really resent someone coming new to the board and insinuationg anyone is behaving in any way out of the ordiary, or wrong, or inapapropriately or anything else. You said you had questions, people are falling all over themselves to answer your questions, even tho every question you have asked is answered on the 'apostate' websites you don't seem to be reading very well. Silenlambs pointed that out to you, and I'm pointing it out to you as well.

    There are interpersoanl relationships on this board that have been going on for a long time, and there is no need for anyone to get involved or comment on them, and especially if they have something better to do(I sure hope you do). You criticized me, Silentlambs, You know, AlanF...and I don't know who you have a point here somewhere? You got questions, we got some answers, and that was an obnoxious way to treat people who are just answering YOUR call for HELP. You have a life (I hope) and so do we.

    This is a public discussion board, and whatever is okay with Simon is okay with me. But personally your comments to Silentlambs and to AlanF are waaaayyyy out of line for a new member of the board, and I resent it. I don't see what you got out of speaking that way, and you post whatever you want and Simon will tolerate, but know this---it is observed and taken note of by me and others.

    Just my 1/2 cent worth...

    Have a great day...

    In 1975 a crack team of publishers was sentenced to death by a judicial commiteee. They promptly escaped from the cult and now live life on the run. If you have a problem ... and if you can find them ... maybe you can contact the A--postate Team"

  • seven006

    Uncle Bruce,

    My little trip to Bethel opened my eyes and shocked the hell out of me. I came in to Brooklyn as a VIP and was taken back to the airport by a guy from the motor pool. I guess they didn't like what I had to say in my evaluation of the visit. There was a lot of things that blew my mind. The little secret locked library and daily walk with Freddie are only two of them and they were not the worse.

    It was quite a trip!


    Island Woman,

    I have a very tough chin. I think it's an Irish thing.



    I completely understand where you are coming from but I think maybe Danni said a few things without the benefit of the big picture. As a cop you tend to make quick decissions because you are forced to. Danni is trying to get both sides and is just commenting from a limited amount if information. She is trying to figure it out without the benefit of being a JW and then being an exJW and it is a little hard to swallow all the conflict that she has had thrown in front of her so quickly.

    If I didn't know what was going on and popped onto this site and read some of the things posted here I would think that everyone is completely nuts. Try to look at it just a little bit from her perspective. I know she is trying to do the same for us. This is a lot of information to try and make heads or tails of in a short amount of time. It is naturel for her to come to a few wrong conclusions given the flood of conflict and volume of information.

    I'm personally cutting her some slack. Women cops scare me especially knowing they carry a gun. <----(bad humor)

    Take care,


  • Richie

    Please read my comments on your posts which dealt with the potential danger of the existence of mental illness among Jehovah's Witnesses.
    These are excerpts of reliable and unbiased reports on the resulting behavior of the majority of Witnesses when under pressure during an extended period of time...

    Richie :*)

  • Danni

    Rich check your email..

    I think your name is kismet , I lost your email. sorry about that. Talk with me. Just tell me everything you know about Jws I have to know now, not for the man but for myself. Just tell me what you know of them, why they believe the way they do, show me how they use the Bible in their line of logic. Tell me about the famly lives in there. What's it like on a suday. Do you understand what I am asking you. I don't care how long the email is i will print it out. Sorry about losing the letter I am a bit over loaded here. I am waitng for your letter Or better yet I will check my email tomorrow.


  • Kismet

    Nope wrong guy Danni. I will send you another email.


  • yrs2long


    It really breaks my heart to read of your experiences with your JW mother and that of the many others who've lost contact with their family members. When I read Crisis of Conscience and learned the details of just how close the voting was for many watchtower 'truths', it made me feel so duped to think of how quickly and faithfully many of us Dumbdubs jumped on the wagon, er, chariot, after the new light was revealed.

    Take care

  • seven006


    Thank you for your kind words. My mom doesn't have a lot of time left and I have already dealt with the fact that I probably have seen her for the last time a few years ago. Going through all the heart ache created by that religion makes a person a little more tough then they might have turned out without it. My mom lives in my heart. She always has and always will. I told her that as I said my last good bye to her. When she finally goes I'm sure I will go off by myself somewhere and think of the great memories of her when I was a kid. She is a big reason I am the person that I am and I will always hold that thought as one of my most precious possessions. I do not look at her as a JW, I look at her as my mom, I always will. I just wish before she goes she can finally see me as her son and not an exJW. I really hate that religion but I still love some of it's people.

    Life goes on.

    Take care,


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