Your worst field service experience.

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am amazed by those of you who have not had bad field service experiences.

    I have had so many that I could write a book, seriously. The poster Zid even said that to me once.

    I have had guns drawn on me many times, I have been bitten at least six times by dogs. Chased to the car to many times to count by dogs.

    One time I was working with my husband and the guy was nice but very firm that he was not interested. As we were leaving the gate I felt a sharp pain in my ankle. I looked down and the guys small little rat like dog had gotten loose and bitten me. I was bleeding but nothing huge as the dog was so small, still it would have been nice to at least wash the wound. The householder was mortified and came running out, he was really nice apologized, offered to buy me new pantyhose and offered to let me wash my ankle.

    My husband said oh she is fine and proceeded to spend the next hour talking to the guy. I had to finish the day with dried blood on my ankle as we did not want to take time away from Jehovah by allowing me to go home and change. My husband felt that Jehovah had used the dog bitting me to be able to give a witness to the owner as he would not have listened any other way.

    Having guns drawn on me terrified me but my husband said they did not really mean it. He would never write them down as a DNC as you never know the next time we come some other family member might answer the door who would like the "truth."

    My husband had one call on this guy way out in the rural's his wife was was a JW in our hall and her husband was interested some what so my husband would call on him and talk for hours while I waited in the car for some reason my husband would never take me with him to the door but always someone else in the car. It is a long story but about half an hour after we left this guys step son the wife's son from another marriage comes to the house and kills him with a screwdriver. OH MY GOD I was so freaked out. We had just left. This guy had older children from his first marriage and the older kids said the next JW who came to their door would be shot no questions asked. So every house in the area after that I was freaked out about as I did not know where his kids lived. My husband said oh they are just talking. It was horrible as the step son was fleeing the seen he crashed his car and there were JW's books and magazines in the car.

    I hated every minute of field service, I never found any joy in it.


  • wasblind

    Hi LITS,

    my daughter is freightened of dogs, me not so much cause I had dogs growin' up

    everytime we would call on a home with dogs, I would take her place at the door

    the sister said that my daughter needed to trust in Jehovah more, I told the sister that

    dogs know who are fearful and that could make it worse for her, I stood my ground, cause

    if my daughter had been attacked I'm sure the society would not have done anything for her

    In my opinion God gives us the good sense not to put our self in dangerous situations and

    to be honest there is no need too, with so many other means of getting the word out.

    no one needs to make a martyr out of themselves these days

  • Heartofaboy

    I hated FS absolutely hated hour in the FS went in to a time warp & felt like an eternity.

    I think meeting anyone with some bible knowledge was terrifying as the JW teachings were so easily demolished by Born Agains

  • designs

    My very first time in Field Service , I was in 8th grade, I went to a home and the woman who answered started Speaking in Tongues, then her husband joined in walking around in circles in the living room with a Bible opened in his hands and Speaking in Tongues. I just stood there entranced

  • Ding

    I think about the other side of the coin.

    When I was little, if my parents (not JWs) saw teams of JWs in FS along our street, they used to pull the curtains and pretend they weren't home. I asked them why and they said it was because JWs were pests who wouldn't take no for an answer. It was easier just to avoid them.

    Little did they know that many of those dubs were quite happy to have them pretend not to be home.

    Unfortunately, when I became an adult I decided it wasn't right to hide, so I let them in. I didn't know much about the Bible in those days, so they had little trouble convincing me that the WTS knew everything about it.

    Now that I know the truth about "the truth," I think about how ironic it is that I am always willing to be friendly with JWs and talk with them about the Bible and "God's organization" but they have me on their DNC list.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    One time the door opened and this woman had her lg pet rat on her shoulder, not being fond of rodents it freaked me out the woman with me took the door because i was speechless and in the process of backing away.

    another thing I hate is to be invited in to a hoarders house, one time we went in and had to crawl over stacks of newspapers & mags and old food cartons with roaches running around

  • jam

    Working the bush in Central America (Mayans) where the householder (the women are topless).

    It was hard to stay focus.

  • stapler99

    I don't seem to have many memories of field service, which is surprising. This is probably because it was so repetitive.

    Old people with bad teeth and houses that stank of stale beef.

    Mostly though it was the apathy. People weren't interested.

    Being a child and your presentation being interrupted by the adult you are with.

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