Your worst field service experience.

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  • littlebird

    Ziddina, your experience reminded me of the time I went to the door with an older sister, who actually stuck her foot in the door as a woman closing it! I had no where to hide.

  • ziddina

    Ow! LittleBird, did she eventually end up with a limp?? Zid

  • littlebird

    No, she was a tough ole, bird.

  • dissed

    Snowbird - If you read this...bout the south.....

    True, people are friendly, but do you remember offering the Awake on Race (late 1970's?)

    Most in my NC congregation refused to offer it, worried about possible trouble, but me, a moved-in Yankee, saw it as my 'To Kill a Mockingbird' moment.

    Whoa Nelly! Did I get my head chewed off on several occassions!

    "Don't you be telling me a N***** is better than me!"

  • bubba flavel
    bubba flavel

    We mostly lived rural and mostly witnessed rural.

    Nearly every house had a kid in your class at school or who went to your school. After witnessing all weekend you wouldn't have minded armageddon hitting before you had to face the ridicule Monday morning.

  • daniel-p

    Getting shot at as a 16-year-old driving away from a rural not-at-home: Sucked.

    Getting verbally abused by a house full of lesbians: Sucked.

    Having the driver of our service car back over an irate householder's fence in the pouring down rain: Sucked.

    Getting yelled at by redneck motorists as I street-witnessed: Sucked.

    Having to ditch my bookbag as I ran from a rabid dog and leaping over the fence like a Kenyan athlete: Sucked.

    Having a return visit at an old-people's home run by a family of mean Asians and having to negotiate for her SSI check with the establishment, picking her up off the street wandering around, and then driving her to various appointments all while actually being used by her because her grandson was in jail: Sucked.

    Being forced to conduct the field service meeting as a very shy 13-year-old for all the pioneer sisters, even after faking illness and hanging out in the Kingdom Hall bathroom for as long as possible before my mom started pounding on the door for me to come out: Sucked.

    Having the shits every single god-damn day out in service because I couldn't stand going up to talk to strangers all the time: Sucked.

  • dissed

    Loved reading all this thread comments.........great stories, its amazing more are not killed in the JW service work

  • ziddina

    Ah, but when they are [killed while in service...], they're "spiritual sacrifices" - better make that literal - to "Jehovah's great name"!!!

  • Podobear

    Two amongst many spring to mind..

    Shaking the hand of a Surgeon from Nicaragua as his tears rolled down his cheek. He had let a 16 year old girl slip away after a road traffic accident. He wanted assurance that respecting her wishes to decline a blood transfusion was the right thing to do. He blabbed, "there was no time", "there was no time". "Blood was all I had to get the oxygen into her..." My God, he was in a state. It haunts my head and my gut to this day.

    Calling at a home in Paddington, West London with an ex Gilead missionary from Albany, Georgia. Guy came to door in only his underpants (briefs U.S) and nothing else. I opened the presentation: "Good morning. Sorry to knock you up Sir...the reason for our calling etc etc". My poor companion nearly creased with embarrassment and turned a beautiful autumnal red! Britain and America.. two nations separated by the same language, eh? (I hasten to add she trumped my faux pas by chiding a kid in one of the KH's in Albany for his misbehaviour... "Be quiet you little Bugger!" This Brit. went into cringe overdrive)

  • TheOldHippie

    Meeting people I know or partially know; terrible each and every time, hard to find the suitable tune.

    Not a bad experience, but slighlt "not normal": Rural area, left the others in the car and walked on a very bad mud road some six miles up to the house (yes, it is true!), only to be met with a "No!" before I even had opened my mouth, and then walking the six miles back to the car, it took me some two hours. Meanwhile, the other four in the car - yes, it is true! - had forgotten I was with them and had returned to town. This was before the cell phone, so I just had to start walking back to town. It was getting dark, it was very rural and a huge forest really, and I walked for some three hours till around 9 PM, when I see some headlights up front - the first car I had met - and one of my partners came. My wife had called and asked where I was, and only then did he remember I had been with them. Five or six hours of walking, man! was I tired.

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