Your worst field service experience.

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  • littlebird

    My worst field service experience was this.

    I didn't have a car at the time and so a pioneer sister was picking me up of service every couple of days. She was my partner and I got a door where the woman was clearly not interested. As I am stepping away The pioneer sister starts in with all the objection stoppers. The women takes the magazines, most likely to shut her up.

    Every time I went out in service, this sister insisted we make a return visit on this lady. I didn't want to, but I was in her car, so we went. The woman started not answering, or would send her kids to the door to say she wasnt home, even though we could see her through the window. One day she finally answered, and who did you think she yelled at, not the pioneer pest, but me. She really let me have it about pestering her and I was invading her privacy and she through in a few choice names.

    My husband felt bad for me so he thought he'd take me out to an amusement park the next day, 20 mi. away. Guess who's there? Yep it was the householder and she decided she would invade my privacy for awhile and follow me around, calling me names and pointing at us.

    From then on, I told the pioneer sister I was too sick to go out with her.

    What have you experienced?

  • snowbird

    During my 19+ years of FS, I didn't have any bad experiences; people down here are very friendly and accommodating.


  • littlebird

    Wow, that's really good.

  • snowbird

    Yeah, I think it's about Deep South hospitality.

    People will invite you in and listen, even though they may refuse the literature.

    Good folk down in these here parts.


  • Magwitch

    Worst field service experience?

    It is a tie between every damn day I spent in service for forty years.

  • Aeiouy

    My very first day that I went in service. I was 5 or 6 years old. I had just become a publisher. I knocked on the door and started my presentation. The man slammed the door on me and called the cops. We had to sit there for around 20 minutes in the car while my mom and dad had their licenses ran. Of course, this was looked at as a sign. I was especially righteous, so Satan was trying extra hard to discourage me from continuing. We slapped him in the face and kept going door to door. God we were good little witnesses. Oh the pride we had.


    Edit: Magwitch you have a message.

  • Magwitch

    aejouy: Satan was trying extra hard to discourage me

    Yes, that is definitely the reason the police were called

  • lepermessiah

    10 years old.

    Outside air temperature - around 0 degrees Farenheit.

    Wind Chill - probably -10 to -20 degrees Farenheit.

    I get stuck working with the biggest slavedriver in the congregation. This guy would get irate if you had to stop for any reason - bathroom, eating, etc.

    He has the LONGEST street in our territory, and INSISTS on doing it door-to-door.

    "We are not doing RV's today, a little cold air wont hurt you guys"

    I not only froze my @$$ off that morning, I got chewed out by like 3 people asking what the HELL was I doing out making them open their doors on a bitterly cold day.

    What a joy!

  • xbro

    i had a few! one time there was an article in the Awake about a nazi ss soldier who had changed into a nice jw,the house holder went nuts shouting about how his dad faught the nazi's blah blah blah,so he grabbed it off me and ripped it up chucked it on the floor,so i offered him the watchtower to as they came together! lol

    i especially hated calling on the homes of folk i knew from school,that was cringe making!

    any one have some funny ones?

    i was working with a very pru 20 year old brother,we knocked on one door and a hot girl answered,she was just holding her towel round her,Dathan did his presentation and handed the girl the mags and as she took them her towel dropped! all 3 of us nearly died of embarrasement!

  • AudeSapere
    xbro wrote: ... so i offered him the watchtower to as they came together!

    Too Funny!!

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