Your worst field service experience.

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  • littlebird

    That's funny xbro.

    Leppermessiah- I dreaded field service due to over zealous service nazi's. My husband got stuck with an elder who insisted on doing rural territory after it had rained. His car got stuck in the mud and everyone had to get out in their suits and push him out.

    Aeouy-You poor kid, its a wonder you didn't run away from home.

    Magwitch- I know what you mean.

  • misguided

    These are my worst:

    A big fat man answered the door naked. UGH!!

    A man answered the door with a pistol in his hand. We left VERY quickly!

    I lived in east-end Vancouver.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I've thought about this and really can't think of a really bad experience. Had the normal irate nuts, preachers, dogs, elements, etc., but I actually didn't mind FS. I was good at it and people loved being with me in FS. My approach was to be a normal person and to use the Bible as the basis of the discussion, then an offer of literature was made in the conclusion. I was in a postion to lead FS through the weekdays and had fun being with different ones. I especially liked having the older sisters in my car. I loved looking after them and making them feel young. It's not for everyone, but I was always outgoing and liked it.

    Think About It

  • LucyA

    Although this experience didn't happen to me I watched unfold. I grew up in a rural area and some stage they started sending us people from bethel (I don’t Know maybe we went getting up enough hours) so this young guy turns up Maybe 30'S and he'd never been to a rural area in his life so we all head out in service and get to one particular farm the Bro gets out starts walking down the driveway when he attracts the attention of the resident RAM the ram puts his head down to charge the Bro he and his partner start running rams are also extremely fast. (For those of you who don't know a Ram is a male sheep and they tend to be aggressive and territorial) I have never seen anyone run that fast it was too funny. So both Brothers run for the fence and jump it about a split second before the Ram hits the fence. Still the best day of witnessing I ever had!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Offered the mags on smoking and its dangers. Lady at the door said through the screen door, "I have lung cancer and never smoked a day in my life. No thanks". What do you say to that? W.Once

  • fluke

    Right, lets see....

    I've had women coming to the door absolutely naked...

    Dogs runnning out and barking like crazy...

    All the usual, but I geuss the worst one when i was a little dazed, probably through dehydration, when i called on a suited man...

    He kept asking me what I wanted part way through my presentation... "in light of the Iraq war and ..."

    "what do you want?"

    "in light of the Iraq wa do you..."

    "what do you want?"

    He got more irate as I went on...

  • ScottyRex

    I think knocking on the door of my primary school teacher, Mrs thorne...........god she hated the witnesses and made my life hell at school. I was only 9 at the time FGS!!!. I was 19 when I knocked at her door, so I just said hello, I guess you're not interested.........she just looked and slammed the door. Wish I could have thought of something cutting to say.........Mrs Thorne.............erghhhhhh.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I thought of something you might find interesting. This wasn't bad, just different. I had my introduction with an old man through a screen door. I really couldn't see his face. He ended up being some kind of preacher. About the time I mentioned reading some of the literature he opend the screen door and he had no eyes in his sockets!

  • beksbks

    Myself and another little girl, we both were probably 8 if that. A lady came to the window, not the door. L shaped porch, door in front of us, window at our side. She slammed the window open and asked who we were, when we told her she started screaming at us. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!!!! I was effing mortified, I didn't want to be there anyway. I was so shy in those days I nearly swallowed my own tongue at the prospect of someone being home.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    LOL W.Once...what DO you say to that? You switch your out your WT and Awakes for Casket brochures and keep on talking. Geez....luck of the draw on that door.

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