Your worst field service experience.

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  • littlebird

    -Very sad experience with the dr.

    - How awful to be forgotten about and left.

    It is a wonder we weren't killed, we are tougher than we knew, huh?

  • snowbird
    Snowbird - If you read this...bout the south.....
    True, people are friendly, but do you remember offering the Awake on Race (late 1970's?)
    Most in my NC congregation refused to offer it, worried about possible trouble, but me, a moved-in Yankee, saw it as my 'To Kill a Mockingbird' moment.
    Whoa Nelly! Did I get my head chewed off on several occassions!
    "Don't you be telling me a N***** is better than me!"

    Yes, I remember it! The WT put a lot of blame on the Catholic Church for teaching at one time that Black people suffered the curse of Ham! They neglected to state that they once taught the same! I'm Black and I preached mostly to Black people, so I didn't have your experience. LOL. Sylvia

  • Denial

    let's seee......

    1. an elder making me offer magazines to a bully from school who tried to beat me up all the time

    2. having my parents threatened with baseball bats, guns, axes, and being physically shoved down a driveway

    3. being asked, "Aren't you embarrassed to do this?" to which i said, "i have to, ma'am."

  • littlebird

    I hated calling in my neighborhood. I remember a part in the circuit assembly where, they basically told kids to get over it if they run into a classmate, "the work is urgent" blah, blah , blah.

    Reading these has really made me feel bad for making my kids go out in service.

  • breathing

    not one bad or worst experience, but just a slow eroding of my soul and a a slow death of the mind, trudging round streets and knocking on doors where noone was home and the mindwas just being pickled in apathy and rote and maps and magazines and counting hours and pleasing elders and ....................

    just one massive blot on my life that i cant believe i endured


  • d

    I remeber field service in the hot summer.One of the householders wanted to bring their dogs on us.All this did help the fact that it was 95 degrees and I was wearing a suit and tie.Man those were the days.Trying to meet field service hour requirements.

  • DanaBug

    Welcome to the forum, carolk65!

  • littlebird

    Im sure many a brother has snagged their pants running from a dog. I always felt sorry for the brothers on hot days wearing suits. Even with the jacket off, it still had to be hot.

  • doofdaddy

    Speaking of dog stories. I had a friend who went to this door. A woman answered and a large german shephard came from behind her. She made no effort to contain it. It lept at my mate. Sadly for her and the dog, he was an ex professional boxer and life long street fighter. He gave it a killer left hook and the dog was out cold. Now that's a conversation stopper!

  • Scully

    A tie between three:

    1. One of my first ever Field Service™ experiences: a man came to the door and threatened to blow us away with a shotgun. I was 9 or 10 years old. The guy ended up being my math teacher in Grade 10.
    2. As a teenager, going out with Circuit Overseer™'s wife on a bitterly cold day and fainting from the cold, made worse by getting in major $h!t from my dad when we got home... for embarrassing him in front of the CO and his wife.
    3. Going to the door with an Elder™ (I was in my late 20s at the time), and the householder asked the Elder™ if he believed in extra-terrestrials. The Elder™ whole-heartedly answered YES!! and then went on to explain that Jehovah and Jesus and all the angels, and Satan and the demons were extra-terrestrials. The householder laughed his @$$ off at us. I was mortified.

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