Your worst field service experience.

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  • Cadellin

    In my teens, I was in a car group doing rurals. Well, zealous little bitch that I was, I decided that the couple who were making the call at the current house were taking too long and I'd walk on to the next one. Bad idea in rurals. I got part way up a very, very long driveway when I hear LOUD, DEEP barking. From around the house comes 2 german shepherds barking and charging. I just froze and closed my eyes, certain of death. I have honestly never been so scared in all my life. As it happened, they ran right up to me and started licking my hands. But I was WAY too shaken to take the call and turned and walked back to the car, which was still at the previous house.

  • zoiks

    My worst experiences were invariably with householders who actually knew their bible.

  • dig692

    Yikes! Remind me never to do rurals!

    My worst was being out with a sister who had been pioneering since she was like 10, and I was a noob at the time so she did most of the doors, but abyway we were doing apartments at the time and the first door we went to, the man that opened the door was wearing nothing but a banana hammock (gross!!!!) and had some kind of alcoholic beverage in his hand. (For those of you who watch Family Guy, think Quagmire) My partner started her presentation but when we noticed that the man was getting a little too excited having 2 young women there (he was rubbing his free hand around his chest and down his stomach in a totally sexual) she said 'well I can see that you are busy so we'll come back at another time" and we both high tailed it back to the car as fast as we could! We decided we were done with service for the day.

  • minimus

    When I was 15, my Vacation Pioneer teen partner and I were locked in a house with a deranged drunk man who refused to let us leave. We finally unbolted the doors and ran down the street with bookbags flailing. My mother and grandmother were waiting in the car for us and were totally confused when we jumped into the car and yelled to them that we HAD to get out of there!!! My mother and grandmother understood the severity of the situation when they spotted the man running after us and screaming for us to get back into that house.

  • Quillsky

    As much as I'm embarrassed by the stooopid message we took to people, I actually appreciate the outreach nature of field service.

    I never had a bad experience and in fact appreciate the opportunity it gave me to see how other people live. I've been in the homes of the poorest of the poor and interacted with people that my upbringing and lifestyle would never usually have put me in contact with.

    I've enjoyed coffee and cookies in the homes of so many kind people. Once I was given an excellent book by a recluse who said he'd been keeping it for many years hoping to find the right person to give it to.

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    On service with my pioneer, ms, boyfriend, together for the first time. I was quaking as I had not tried preaching with a brother before, and one I wanted to impress (shallow, I know!). Well I rang the bell and a glass door with wrought iron work over the top was opened. I had a huge smile on my face and said "HELLO!" The man who opened the door had lipstick on and had a look of fury on his face. He slammed the door shut and the glass shattered leaving us staring at him through the wrought iron railings. I looked at my boyfriend and he said what do we do? I said Run! The guy was spitting hate by then at us.

    Not the best start to a doomed relationship...thank goodness.

    I had a door where my pioneer partner, a shy prudish sister, suddenly froze and went red. I carried on talking to the lady and could not understand what was happening. When we left the door my friend was in a real tither. She said she felt unclean and had to go home. Apparently a naked man had been standing playing with himself at the top of the stairs, unaware that my friend could see right up the stairs. I was in stitches, I thought it was so funny. She was unmarried and said she had never seen a mans bits before. Funny.

    One bad, yet sad experience when I was 12. We went on a bible study to an older ladies home. The place was so filthy and stinking that it was terrible to be there. The lady had a dog that peed on the carpet and nothing was cleaned up. When we came home we all were itching and had to put all our clothes in the washing machine. When I think back we should have got her some kind of help, we were not interested in her as such, just counting time.

  • carolk65

    I really loved going out in service. What I hated was the time it took away from my family. My husband was not a Witness and the kids stayed home with him.I love people and had a great time. I always left if they said no. Some of the Sisters got mad at me but I was not going to stand and argue with anyone! I was a JW for 30 years. I left 14 years ago and have a wonderful, happy life with no field service. I still talk to people but now it is about our Savior Jesus Christ.

  • sacolton

    Every time someone answered the door.

    Working with an over-zealous elder who doesn't want to take a break.

  • littlebird

    Seems like there are quite a few naked people, they must know their bodies are scary.

    with householders who actually knew their bible. I know what you mean! If they didn't have responses from the reasoning book, I was lost.

    Working with an over-zealous elder who doesn't want to take a break Dont these people ever need to pee, stretch or eat!

  • ziddina

    Going out - as a shy 12-year-old - with a 60-year old firebrand Brother - Geprge Hewitt was his name - who railed at every householder who refused to take the magazines, "I'm gonna have your house after Armageddon!!" Then he'd tell me stories about how he was 'persecuted' as a JW... I looked at him and thought, "No wonder! It's not Satan causing your 'persecution'; it's because you're an A**Hole!!"

    Caught a young couple in mid-coitus one time - apparently... I was a shy 17-year-old at the time. The young man came to the door wearing just his shorts, red in the face, and started screaming at me. His girlfriend was standing behind him wrapped up in a sheet. Dunno what she thought; she seemed content to let her scarlet-cheeked bf do all the yelling... [let's face it; as long as I was a JW, I was cowed into submission and painfully shy...]

    Poor ol' Brother Hewitt and his wife. They were so faithful, expecting 'Armageddon' at any moment. They died some 40 years ago, and I remember how the brothers and sisters in the congregation whispered among themselves that it was so sad they hadn't lived to see the "New World"™.

    By this time, many of those young and middle-aged witnesses are now in their last years, too... Really makes one realize the folly of relying on false prophecies... Zid

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