How many of you were baptised at a young age?

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  • Quirky1

    39...Still too young...sigh

  • cantleave

    Ksevek - Welcome aboard. Why not start a thread to introduce yourself?

  • journey-on

    It's strange how that works isn't it. They will shun someone who was raised in it, baptized as a kid, then left of their own accord; but, they will continue to associate with someone who was raised in it, never got baptized, and left of their own accord.

  • leavingwt

    Welcome, KSevek!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    12 to ease my guilt... worked for a week then twice the guilt

  • leec

    I win ... as a Catholic, I was baptized at ~ 6 months!

  • lepermessiah

    I told my parents I wanted to take the test too and to humor me they got me to do the first set which I did with ease. To their credit, the elders in my hall talked to my parents and they agreed that I was smart enough to pass the test but not old enough to understand what I was doing


    Thats brings up a great point as well - those baptism questions are a joke. Its usually like an "open book" test, so all you have to do is READ the answer. If you had a "hard core" elder who made you close the book, many of the questions are structured that even a young one under 10 who has sat at meetings his whole life and is intelligent would have no problem answering successfully.

    Although, I do have a classic story......I know a guy who went over the questions several times before the elders let him get baptised.

    He kept BOMBING the first question - which I believe is "Who is God?" or something like that. He would rattle off these way-out there, philisophical views of God, and would freak the elders out......LOL

  • Miss Chievous
    Miss Chievous

    I was 16, was brought up in the org but parents weren't great about family study (thank goodness!) so had a study with a sister in the cong and decided I was ready. Mum and Dad thought I should wait, didn't listen to them, I knew it was the right thing to do. Why are parents always right in the end?

    Apart from the issues everyone else here has mentioned I noticed with all the young people in my cong that as soon as you were baptised you were basically left to your own devices. The support from others died away and it felt like a big anti-climax. I know of one sis whose family came into the org when she was 12, she had to be dragged along for a few years, eventually had her own study and by 16 she was baptised, at 17 she was disillusioned and left. Wish I'd seen through it so fast!

    I always wondered why Jesus was 30 before he was baptised, now I understand.

    Miss C

  • lepermessiah

    I win ... as a Catholic, I was baptized at ~ 6 months!

    Welcome my (former) Catholic brother! I was too - LOL. Mom became a Witness when I was under 2, so its all I remember. I never explored my Catholic roots

  • highdose

    i was 14 just. I was soooo brain washed that ( and heres a confession) i wanted to be baptised at age 10. But the PO of the cong wouldn't let me because he wanted his daughter ( who was about the same age) to be baptised first.

    aged 14 i thought i would be accepted finaly by the congo. But as another poster has already said, i was love bombed while working to it, and was i'd gone under the water, thats it! They didn't want to know, well they had me i guess, no point in trying hard.

    17 years later and the unthinkable has happened... i'm out and never going back

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