How many of you were baptised at a young age?

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  • rich5678

    You thought you were too young but get this: the youngest person i know of got baptized at age 5... i sat by her too. what does she know about the doctrines anyway? The mom need her behind kicked!!! So as the elders...

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I was 13, raised in the 'truth' so never knew anything else. I should have done what Jesus did and waited until I was 30. In fact I think everyone should wait until they are 30!


  • Invetigator74

    I just turned 14 when I was baptized. Who here remembers the "Lamp" book?? lol That's where our baptism questions came from.

  • In

    14. Too young. And FOR THE WRONG REASONS!

    I put it in caps b/c I feel very strongly on that. A schoolmate had spent a whole year trying to break my faith, and I had held firm despite growing doubts. Then, at an assembly they were singing "make the truth your own" and I distinctly remember thinking 'aw, hell, I'm never gonna leave. I'll always be a witness... might as well get baptized, i know the answers to all those questions anyways'. I also thought it would help me make friends in the congregation better as I was a bit of an oddball - read too many novels and asked too many damned annoying questions. I never did get good answers to my questions -- if I had, probably wouldn't be on this site today.

    September 11th happened shortly before my baptism, and everyone was going crazy thinking this was the end, and I thought, aw hell, better hurry up too. It seemed like if I could go through a year of being hounded by an atheist and yet still believe the prophecies then I must really believe it. It must be true. Wacko logic I know, but hey, I was a kid.

    Like others, I was pretty much forgotten after that; father used it as a guilt trip tool when I crossed him. Then my parents divorced (abusive father) and we were shunned by everyone. Total loss of support. A major blow to my faith. We were told we had lost God's spirit, which just killed me cause I wanted to do the right thing. I broke down after a year of it and still remember screaming and crying at the sky that I hated God and he couldn't be real because a real God wouldn't treat people who loved Him like this. Refused to believe in God for many years after that, but it caused me a lot of pain to go to that extreme.

    I still reflect that if I had not been baptized at that point, could've avoided some of that pain and confusion. I know now that it's men who screwed with me, not God.

    I like the point that Christ wasn't baptized until he was 30.

    yep... and I'm still in because when I leave it will cause a similar crisis for others, and I just can't come to terms with causing that kind of pain yet.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Mom and dad were 10 and 12, respectively in the 50's and 60's. I was 17 in the 80's when I was baptized and sister was about 19 or something. January 11, 1986 was my spiritual birthday. Good thing we can all be born again into anything or nothing we want

  • wannabefree

    MMXIV .... by the way, what music WERE you listening to?

  • marvfaybenz

    I was baptized at 14. You cannot drive, get married, vote or buy a beer when you're 14. Baptism should not be allowed at that young of age either. But the WTS accepts this because all they care about is the numbers. They criticize the Catholic church for baptizing babies. Well, at 14, you're still a baby.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Pre-pubescent here.

    Yeah, that was a well-informed decision.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    DOH! Just realized this is an old thread I already commented on.


  • R.F.

    I was baptized too very young...20 years old.

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