How many of you were baptised at a young age?

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  • doublelife

    I was 17. Just under the age requirement to be able to sign a contract in USA. Too bad I can't get that contract nullified.

  • Aeiouy


  • MidwichCuckoo

    15. The last of my peer group. My friend was 12. And I'll never forget Paul Gillies' ''spin'' on an 'interview' on TV - quote:- 'we only baptise as adults'.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Just a thought....Maybe their interpretation of 'adult' is similar to their interpretation of 'generation'? lol

  • Razziel

    15. I was the last of my peer group as well. Was appointed an MS at 17. Later found out the first recommendation for MS was declined, and one of the reasons given was that I had waited so long to get baptised.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I was 14 but nobody pressured me. I really felt I was dedicating my life to Jehovah, and that's how the baptism questions were worded back then.

    About a year ago, my daughter-in-law's niece decided to get baptised at age 11 over the protests of her JW father who thought she was too young. However, the mother went to the elders who paid daddy a visit and "set him straight." So much for headship--apparently the elders are the head of the family.

  • ?me?

    i was 20 or 21, i forget when i was baptised (to the shear horror of some people) but who cares what the date is, of course no one really knows what they are getting into, unless somehow you are over 20 and have been exposed to a situation where you friend, or family member left, got dfed, wanted to leave, etc.

    i am glad i waited until I was comfortable with getting baptised, my brother, and my friends all did it around 16 or so (they are all elders or mts guys now) at our cong, at that time(1990), NO one was getting baptised at the crazy early ages some are now... 15 was about the earliest we had... at my cong now, there was a girl (elders daughter ) that went at 11 or 12, but most are waiting til atleast 16...

  • sherpak

    I was raised in the "truth" but somehow, developed doubts about the whole scheme from an early age. When I reached my teen years, well-meaning people in the congregation seemed to feel no qualms about giving me not so warm and friendly lectures about my lack of progress toward baptism. These lectures turned me off even more. I was never baptized.

  • crownboy

    "raised in the truth" and baptized at 12. Infamous JW spin-meister JR Brown gave the talk .

  • wobble

    Born in, baptised at 12. It was a source of amusement to me that my Record Card was wrong, it had me being baptised a year later, I never bothered to tell anyone.

    If I was still a believer of any sort I would consider that Baptism to be valid, I knew what it really meant, and I was under the old vows (1960's) so was baptised in (to) the Name of the Father ,Son and Holy Spirit.

    Every JW since 1985 was baptised into an organization, inducted as a worker for a publishing company, but without pay.

    And in the eyes of Christians not baptised as one.


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