How many of you were baptised at a young age?

by lepermessiah 70 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Hidose, r u behaving yourself now?

  • babygirl75

    *raises hand and then bitch slaps myself for being so stupid!*

    I was 13.

  • straightshooter

    I was 19. My spouse was 20.

  • elder-schmelder

    I was 13, my wife was 13.


  • sherah

    14. I did it to fit it with other dubs my age who were getting dunked.

  • VoidEater

    I was 9. Didn't even realize that I was committing myself to God until I heard The Questions asked just before baptism.

    To me, it was just another rule to follow - Get Baptized.

  • geevee

    HI all, I was 14. I was soooo sick that day, the nerves had got the better of me and I was in the toilet vomitting for at least half the talk. I had searched the assembly grounds the find the p/o and tell him I had changed my mind.... but darn! I couldn't find him anywhere.

    My dad had an affair and my mother was reeling. So I thought that if I got baptized it would help her and give her some stability...... So I did it for her. It was a struggle too... as someone said earlier, twice the guilt!

  • Casper


    I was in such a zone...


  • zoiks

    I was 12. This came up in a conversation (argument) with mom recently.

    Mom: You made a promise to Jehovah!

    Me: I was 12, mom.

    Mom: …when you made a promise to Jehovah!

    Me: Mom, I was TWELVE. Too young to make a promise…

    Mom: …to Jehovah…

    ME: …that I would be held accountable to for the rest of my life!

    Mom: Exactly! You promised!

  • brizzzy

    Like many of you, I was 12.

    I was already having doubts and hoped that it would somehow magically "fix" me and make me feel more spiritual. Plus there was the added bonus of having all attention on me for a day and getting to "celebrate" at my favorite restaurant with my parents after the assembly.

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