How many of you were baptised at a young age?

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  • PSacramento

    I was baptized as a baby in the RC faith and I had communion and was even confirmed as an adult.

    The confirmation was very interesting, it was also in the RC church and after I had take their "alpha course", an intorduction to the christian faith.

    Was I convinced? did I want to be a RC?

    Not 100%, no, but I decided to see for myself what being a RC was all about.

    I tried and while I admire the original CATHOLIC view ( Universal Christianty), I decided that being part of an organization, any organization, was NOt what God and Jesus intended.

    So I am no longer part of the RCC.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I was 12. My parents were crazy and the elders hated us as a family. My older sister who was 18 wanted to get baptized and so my abusive parents said she could only if the whole family did. What in the world the elders were thinking is beyond me.

    The elders came over went over the questions with all of us at once. Being I was 12 and the youngest they never asked me one question. I knew if I flunked the test there would be hell to pay for me so I was glad they left me out. Finally on the last test this elder says to my parents well LITS has not answered one question and well to get baptized she needs to answer. I was really stressed what he was going to ask me. He looked at me and said "what is God's name?" That was easy and I got baptized.

    I look back on that with such anger. What the hell were the elders thinking.


    16. Peer pressure er..."good association".

    I still played with Lego. The highlight of my tv viewing was watching Neighbours and I wasn't to experience the effects of more than one pint of beer for another 2 years.

    How anyone even younger than me could have understood the impacts of such a life long commitment I'll never know. Any sincere organisation that didn't want to trap it's members wouldn't allow lifetime memberships until they were at least 30 and even then have a tick box offering the option to unsubscribe from this cult religion at any time.


    PS. Don't even ask what music I was listening to - really embarrassed about that one

  • mindmelda

    I was a few months past 16. Ridiculous, like saying someone is mature enough to marry at 15 or 16. Stupidest thing I ever did.

  • tenyearsafter

    I was 17...don't know why I did it other than I knew it was the only way to get a JW girl to marry me and have sex!...boy, did I get a surprise on that one!! In all seriousness, I think it was more peer pressure than dedication that swept me along...I guarantee that I didn't know what I wanted at that point, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • ~Jen~

    I was 13. I got baptised to make my emotionally and physically abusive mother happy. In hindsight I had no idea what I was doing, only that at the age of 13, I just wanted her to love me :(

  • LittleSister

    Even though I was born-in I wasn't baptised until my early 20's not really sure why I did, I think I just wanted to fit in and be accepted plus my best friend at the time was being baptised so it seemed like the thing to do. I was also a bit fed up with people using me as ministry time.

  • skywho

    a month before my 14th birthday. I was average/old for my area. and i can truly say it was out of pressure. my sisters got baptized at 9 and 12, and i was getting old. I was having emotional problems(really bad depression), i was told that baptism would help me through my tough teen years, and help me make better decisions.... I didn't know that they would be made out of fear. I think its horrible to let people make a decisions that will effect and change there life more than marriage at such a young age. and now i get to sit by the side lines and watch my niece get baptized at 8 and my nephew get baptized at 10 just 'cause his younger cousin did. there REALLY should be a age limit. like "PAST THE BLOOM OF YOUTH"!... or NEVER

  • mindmelda

    Me too Jen. My mother basically is a very unhappy person, a victim of child abuse herself, and although she was afraid to hit us most of the time during her constant rages, she was always emotionally abusive and highly manipulative and still is.

    My dad openly says to everyone that "B_____ put the Bible on a the end of a whip and made us all become Witnesses." She believed that it'd fix everything wrong with her and us and the world if we converted to being Witnesses. She pounded that into us, too, and my brother rebelled and left home at 17, and faded out. He's back in again, nominally, again to make Mom happy, but he rarely attends meetings or does FS. Just to keep the peace, he jumped through their hoops and got reinstated.

    I remember when she first studied, she'd lock herself up in her room with stacks of WTS books and magazines and pour over them obsessively for hours, not getting out of bed, and not eating, not sleeping...mentally unbalanced obsessive behavior, but as a child, I assumed everyone's mother was like mine, i knew no better. The Witnesses actually praised her for this, telling her she was "aglow with the spirit" and "Jehovah was blessing her studying and praying day and night". She's a victim of religious obsession, or religiousity, she does everything obsessively.

    My mother has OCD and she hoards things and she is chronically anxious and depressed. She did the same thing with becoming a Witness as she did with everything else in her life, made it a slave to her mental illness, which enslaves her.

    But, my brother and I both felt compelled to get baptized out of the incessant pressure to please her. We never knew anything else but pleasing her, and my father does most things just to keep her "happy" which she isn't anyway.

    My brother always jokes that if we had a family crest, the motto would be "Don't upset MOM!"

  • rich5678

    i was in a born in. I got baptized at 19. i thought this religion was for me and it was truth i see the bulls#%& in this org at now age 20... i know it is a short period of time in between...

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