How many of you were baptised at a young age?

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Pre-teen here. Partially motivated by trying to outdo one of my older siblings. How's that for maturity?

    Fast-forward to about 2 years ago. I was asked to go over the baptism questions with a young person (mid-to-late teens) from our congregation, all the while being an agnostic Elder myself. This young person truly had the JW rose-colored glasses on and was very gung-ho to jump in the pool. I figured I'd at least do a teeny bit of "fair disclosure" without blowing my cover. I asked this person if they FULLY understood all the ramifications of disfellowshiping vs. just no longer being a publisher. We spent a good 5 minutes on it. There was no disuading them.

    Oh well. It was far more disclosure than any "real" elder would have given.

    Glad I'm done with that now.


  • hoser

    15. Mum hit me with the generation thing. ya know that the generation that seen 1914 there gettin pretty old the end is nigh

  • recovering

    12 biggest mistake of my life

  • four candles
    four candles

    15 for me,in 1975 as well. ........................Are we in paradise now???

  • JerkhovahsWitless

    I was 17.

    During my time studying, I spent a lot of time in service, hanging out, going to movies, etc with the kid (he's like maybe 2 years at most older than me), and his friends. I had the love and attention poured all over me from them and the rest of the congregation.

    Got baptized and then... hey, where'd my friends go? Rarely was asked to hang out, unless it was to go in service and whats his face didn't have anyone to go with.

  • coffee_black

    I was 8


  • changeling

    I was 10.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I was 13. Too young.

  • not sure yet
    not sure yet

    baptized at 14, regular pioneer at 15, special pioneer at 16 and graduated Gilead missionary at 20.

  • jamiebowers

    17, and still too young. I don't tink a person can be old enough to get baptized as a jw, because you never get full disclosure.

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