JWs having Facebook Sex - Strongly warned to get off FB at CA yesterday

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  • shopaholic

    So it appears that JWs are letting their freaky side come out on FB for everyone to see.

    There was talk on the CA yesterday strongly warning all true lovers of Jehovah to delete their FB accounts. The talk was solely about FB. The speaker mentioned that JWs are associating with people that would not associate with in real life, often using the excuse that the person is a relative. Many JWs are FB "friends" with persons that are DF'd or that have taken a stand against Jehovah and his organization.

    He mentioned that JWs are posting inappropriate pictures of themselves in addition to joining "Watchtower" groups that are not sponored by the organization. He repeated several times that the organization does not have a FB account nor does it have any approved groups on FB. That many of such groups are actually created by apostates with the aim of having one began to doubt their faith. Then he mentioned that all it takes is a crack in your faith and they can take you out of God's organization into Satan's organization. Some use it to get a taste of the world but everything you need to know about the world, good and bad is in the bible, you don't need FB for that.

    Then he mentioned how many are involved in serious sins but don't realize it because its all "online". Then he stated very deliberately that Facebook sex is not for true servants of Jehovah. Then went on to explain that in some cases that chatting across FB sex groups were not enough for some and that some had went on to arrange secret rendevous and this was occuring among single, married, young, old and sadly even those in positions of responsibility within the congregation.

    Mentioned how some say they are selective about who they approve to be their FB "friends". Speaker said no need to be selective if you simply delete your account. Reminded everyone of the need to get and stay close to Jehovah's organization and that you have all the friends you need in the worldwide brotherhood.

    End of talk highlights

    Highlights from a friend that has her CA this weekend. Just last week we talked about how JWs toss out all the JW rules on FB. Anyway she went on to say that later on people were simply sharing tips on how to set the privacy controls on a FB account. So I'm guessing they have no plans of giving up their FB sex.

    This was given as the needs of the circuit so all CAs will not hear this talk...unless your Circuit is into the dirty-dirty.

  • shamus100

    FB sex...

    Oh gawd, they found another trap of Satan. I think they are on to the right thing... people will start thinking for themselves soon enough.

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    ooo FB sex, don't know that, is it any good? do you need to use a condom?

  • dissed

    Just deleted my account. Thanks for sharing that.

  • AuntBee

    DOn't tell my husband about Facebook sex!! He thinks i'm on Facebook just to look at my grown daughters' updates and photos!!!! ROFL.

  • Uzzah

    The GB are so ignorant about things they probably assume "poking" is a sexual act on FB

  • jdhf

    You know...I did wonder how long it would be before the brothers decided to put and end to the FB thing. High control groups would hate FB as they cannot determine everything you do. It's sad really as I know lots will adhere to this...if I was still following the society I probably have grudgingly deleted mine too, albeit for good reasons and trusting their 'divine' guidance. If Jesus were alive today on earth I wonder what he would think of it. I have found so many friends that I lost contact with years ago...how can that be a bad thing.. and as for the bad associations and terribly worldly people...well... didn't Jesus himself associate with what the brothers would consider today as the scum of the earth?? For some, it's the only contact they have with friends and family. Anyone who condemns that needs their head examined...

  • jdhf

    By the way...zombie dub..I loved your post. Nearly wet myself!

  • Finally-Free
    The GB are so ignorant about things they probably assume "poking" is a sexual act on FB

    You mean it isn't? Damn! I was getting all horned up over nothing.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Yup. This is something that just occurred to me, and I will be paying attention to this. We all know that the internet is absolutely pummeling the GB, yet, with every new generation comes new technology with easier access to the internet.

    According to CNET, 10% of all cell phones were smart phones in 2007 (phones with internet access) Today, it is close to 30%, and by 2013, estimates are anywhere from 60-80%.

    Try regulating that. Now you can google Jehovah's Witnessees on your Android or iPhone. Visit sites like this. Visit porn sites if you wanted, and not have anyone be able to check out your phone.

    Each young generation is going to be wondering why Jehovah's Witnesses are turning into the Amish of the internet. Soon, they will pick up on mobile internet devices, then that next local needs will be on "Do you really need a smartphone?" It is going to get thick, and I am curious to see how the young people will handle it, as well as the GB.

    Btw, facebook sex? C'mon. Let me tell you a little formula that the GB uses. They get a couple of reports that people had sex with someone they met on the internet. BOOM! EVERYONE gets to hear about the dangers. I am positive that its not prevelant, it just gives the GB and excuse to demonize the internet more.

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