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  • Balsam

    Hi Hemp lover,

    It worries me to death my son having no insurance coverage. He was fortunate with an emergency he had when he was hit by a drive away car and had to go to the hospital to make sure nothing was broke. Some group came in and paid his hospital bill completely but left him owning another $1500 that was unpaid. It helped but, what about next time?

    My poor sister lived a short live all because she could not get insurance because companies did away with that benefit and she had pre-existing conditions from childhood that cause all of them to refuse her. Doctors refused to treat her because she was a hard luck case and no insurance. She lived just 11 months after finally getting medicare, but her health was so destroyed by them from lack of medical care she died.

    You know what one person told me before they knew how I felt about Universal Healthcare? They told me "so let them die if they don't have insurance it isn't my problem they don't deserve to live, probably just human garbage anyway." I looked at the woman shocked and then I asked her what party she was affilated with? She told me Republican. I then told her my story of my sister who was a single parent then she did try to back pedal on her hateful words it was too late. I told her she was the problem not my sister or other people who have no insurance but it is anyone had eltist attitude it was her. I had another anal Republican man tell me they can just give the poor who can't afford insurance suicide pills that we didn't need them anyway. That kind of talk is just shocking and shameful from any person. Very sad commentary on the human condition when our fellow Americans can say and think such things.


  • worldtraveller

    We just have to keep our fingers crossed against catastrophe.

    Pretty sad.

  • BizzyBee

    Balsam, there is a mindset that leads to this type of hatefulness. I wish I could say that it is fading but I fear that the opposite is true.

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    "Balsam, there is a mindset that leads to this type of hatefulness. I wish I could say that it is fading but I fear that the opposite is true."

    "Very sad commentary on the human condition when our fellow Americans can say and think such things."

    Agreed. I wonder how many of these people would identify themselves as Christians? Or "compassionate" conservatives?

  • JimmyPage

    Holy cow. The last time I checked on this thread not a single person had replied to it. I just assumed no one was even interested in it. You had to go back several pages of other threads just to find this one. I just want to thank everyone for their responses. I wish I could say that narrow minded intolerance was a thing of the past, but it lives and breathes every day in the form of our very neighbors- people I care about but who make me sad at the same time. Pitiful.

  • ColdRedRain

    You do realize that medicine is more of an art rather than a skill Much like other arts, a person has to have the time, energy and the fetting to hone those skills and arts. An industrial artist that doesn't have the skill and ability to perform any other art usually gets little to no business and few people trust that industrial artist, or they're vetted in medical school.

    Universial healthcare turns these artists into technicians, which doctors and nurses aren't.

    Now, if we start endorsing universial healthcare, medical students are no longer going to have to fear failing their courses because the supply of doctors and nurses would need to meet the demand of patients and they'll be "passed through" because there will be a sudden need for doctors. Future students will see this as an easy way to become a millionare with no chance of getting fired. That's when the fun starts happening. After there's a huge glut of doctors that's larger than the demand with little skill, you will have the government start funnelling patients to the less skilled doctors, because after all, the government almost never fires a worker.

    Then there's the reality of how most Americans won't put down their effing pizza, chips and McDonalds, opting to eat "Real food". Most Americans who eat "real food" don't realize the fact that the most prized of American foods became popular because they gave enough calories to workers working hard, manual labor jobs. We've evolved past the "real food" Most of us are working desk jobs. An anecdotal story: When I eat with people from da burbs at Old Country Buffet, the salads, broiled fish and steamed vegetables never get touched but the fried chicken is razed ad repeatum. Walk around any mall, baseball game or amusement park and you'll see enough lard to lubricate all the Amtrak trains in the country. Now, think about having to pay for ALL of their health insurance, and you'll see another reason why universial healthcare shold NEVER pass in this country.

    A person has as much "right" to healthcare as a car owner has a "right" to a mechanic. People have to stop thinking that these technicians in lab coats aren't miracle workers, they're simply people using educated guesses to determine what's wrong and right with your body. They're not always right. Case in point, I had a friend from my Asperger's support group that was diagnosed as a schizophrenic with antisocial personality disorder because the idiot doctor didn't know the symptoms of Autism. He later went to a better doctor that was familiar with Autism and he got reDXed. Sometimes, they just give you fake diagnoses so they'd just get extra money from the insurance companies to pad their salaries. Now, imagine if they just make up fake DXes to suck up taxpayer money. Can you imagine how much money they can suck from joe taxpayer with fake Dxes?

    Buy catastrophic health insurance if you really need a doctor. If else, just try to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy. Stay away from red meats, smoking and fatty foods, exercise one hour a day and stay away from too many carbs. Ride your bike to work if you live in the middle of a city. So what if some hick in an SUV makes fun of you? He's old and is probably bitching about how they stopped playing Boston on the local Oldies Rock station and they're now playing Pearl Jam instead. (True personal story) If you're poor, it won't kill you to eat some beans, PAM stir fry, tortillas, homemade pea soup, brown rice and greens instead of eating that crap fried stuff you get at the corner market. So what if it's not "real food". It's food. And it won't cause you to get a heart attack.

    If you're chronically ill/have some sort of disorder etc and you can't get a job, there's a government program for that. In fact, I'm on that same government program. It's called "Social Security". Right now, it's going insolvent but we can still save it if we adjust the collecting age to 72, allow people to privitize some of their SS savings and put it back into the pot after an x amount of years and allow able bodied but mentally disabled people to start working menial jobs at a lower wage than healthy workers. All of that could happen, but the libs out there would start whining about how we're "exploiting the disabled" or "giving our hard earned social security money to the evil rich fatcats in Wall Street".

    Oh, and the threat of Universial Healthcare scared one of my hospitals into not taking my Medicare insurance anymore. Thanks alot, libs.

  • BizzyBee

    You make some good points, CRR.

  • worldtraveller

    A person has as much "right" to healthcare as a car owner has a "right" to a mechanic.

    What a crock. One step further with that analogy. When you are at 4 stage lung cancer, put him or her in a car shredder. Tea baggers have no compassion at all.

    Typical Repug. talking point. I am sure that if you were in that situation, you would never think differently.

    Dx? You mean Rx as in a prescription? There are crooks in all business. Have you seen the padded bills from hospitals administering an aspirin to a patient? Outrageous.

  • beksbks
    my Medicare insurance


  • hybridous

    Tea baggers have no compassion at all.

    And is that 'compassion' coming out of the gun you're having government aim at those of us who differ with you? A person with a different sense of charity than you means they don't have one?

    Look at the liberal open-mindedness. Always willing to grab goverments gun and turn it on someone for the 'greater good'. Why is your own brand of intolerance so preferable? Because it's yours?

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