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    I support stem cell research and have no problem with gays.

    Before I start Journey let me make an analogy that would explain things better for those of you who think you're being squeezed into one little box. Fox News is the spearhead and other Republicans who support it completely or partially, who may differ, moderately or even substantially from Fox News (who may even hate Fox) ARE THE SHAFT. You are attached to it whether you think so or not, whether you like it or not.

    Nancy Reagan supports stem cell research because it could have held hope for her husband (ahh, always the selfish reason). Many a Gay Republican would ram his head up Fox New's anal orifice and give a BJ to the whole crew.

    I also listen to Fox News, CNN, sometimes MSNBC, never NBC, and occasionally ABC.

    Those who limit themselves to that have no concept of the world.

    This is my problem with people like you that squeeze all conservatives into one little box.

    Who are people like me? You told me on another thread to spare you my kitchen psychology because I did not know the core of your being. Please, guess what little box I belong to?

    You both are very narrow-minded.



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    Fox News does not report news, they create and manipulate it.

    But why would they be so hateful? Pretty simple. Create fear. Tell everyone the country is going down the crapper. They buy and promote (advertise) gold. It's all about money. Not about politics. The left rich folk do the same thing. Heard the same ad on Air America yesterday.

    All the average folk suffer. Same for health care. Socialized health reduces profits. Health care - bad. Money for big health - good. But if so many suffer so bad from illness, then they cannot afford to buy anything. Now the economy collapses. Stop buying, stop the economy. All you can afford is Wal Mart.

    Although our Canadian health care system leaves a lot to be desired, i.e. long waits, at least there is money left to keep the economy in good shape. People are still buying. (sorry a bit off the topic).

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I re-checked my calendar.

    It wasn't my turn to manage your JW friend that week.

    Why do you hold me responsible for his behavior?

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    Villa...I/we were talking about TV news shows. Of course, I don't limit my information sources to ONLY television. Do you? In my discussion about tv news programs, I mentioned the stations I watch. I am perfectly capable of sorting through the info. The trouble with your approach is that you have some lofty idea that people aren't capable of understanding and sifting through information and somehow just listening to what a Rush or a Hannity have to say might somehow turn them into an automaton. It's a tactic the left uses all the time at an attempt to demean and denigrate. It doesn't work with me, so stop it.

    BTW, I'm not really interested in guessing what little box you are in. However, I do enjoy reading your points of view and pondering them. I was interested enough to log onto the Arcosanti site and try to see a bit of what you wanted us to see. But, I didn't put you in that box and that box only and I continue to read your posts. We all can learn something from each other.

    As far as stem cell research goes, I don't think Nancy Reagan had any selfish reason for supporting it. She had a personal experience to connect to the real need for this technology to go forward. You were being most unkind, I think.

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    Sometimes their strong individualist rhetoric is mistaken for a lack of tolerance, but I think it's just because philosophically they believe in teaching a man to fish for himself.

    I can fish very well, thank you. But not when my pole is stolen. Why should these "individualists" care what I do with my own pole? Perhaps because they are only interested in their own individualism?

    As I said, the way Republicanism is marketed to me - the way they try to entice me - is by appealing to my vindictive, narrow-minded parts. In nearly every case, it's an appeal to help me dominate others and deny them their individuality.

    Rather like those Christians that feel martyred because they can't force their morality on everyone else.

    (Hi Beks!)

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    A little comedy relief:

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    Here is a perfect example of the differences. Right now on Fox O'Reilly is beating up on Dennis Kucinich. While MSNBC and other stations are broadcasting "Hope For Haiti Now".

    Fox also chose to cover things like Palin's first day on Fox for hours while it's combined coverage of Haiti on all prime time shows was in the 11 minute range. Total. Combined. Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity.

    We know how sensitive Rush was on the subject.

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