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  • JimmyPage

    I have a JW friend who I watch sports with. His wife is not a dub. He has a daughter from a previous marriage who is gay. I merely happened to mention that I read Michael J. Fox's biography and the conversation immediately went south. "He was on that show 'Spin City'. They had a gay character on there. He didn't have to be a part of that! It was disgusting what he did in front of Congress to promote stem cell research!"

    Anyway it just proves to me how people really do buy into what Fox News reports, which is really sad. MJF is sick, for God's sake. And who gives a shit what someone's sexuality is?

  • worldtraveller

    And you are surprised? Republicants have to watch fix noise in order to HAVE an opinion. And fix noise contributors have to ask Rupert for their opinion. Thinking for themselves is not in the cards. They have to be told how to think. Like being told by big oil that climate change is a hoax. A little more CO2 is no big deal. If it's on Fix news, it MUST be true.

  • journey-on

    It sounds like you two are the ones that listen to fix noise.

    I support stem cell research and have no problem with gays. I also listen to Fox News, CNN, sometimes MSNBC, never NBC, and occasionally ABC. This is my problem with people like you that squeeze all conservatives into one little box. You both are very narrow-minded.

    Minds are like umbrellas. They have to be open to work.

  • worldtraveller

    Not narrow minded, just realistic. No Fox Noise on our basic cable here in Canada. Lucky us. No Rush either. Blessed are those north of the 49th.

    If I am narrow minded, then why do Repugs repeat endlessly the same talking points, and why do the Repug. party hire people to create all the hate mongering? BTW I am a progressive conservative - without the religious rhetoric. Very conservative when it comes to money. Obama and I totally disagree on bailouts (like he cares what I think!). Absolutely progressive when it comes to the environment.

    BTW, conservatives and Repugs. are not the same at all. One can think for themselves. Guess which one.

  • journey-on

    Well, well, well, worldtraveller. You judge something you don't even have access to. Sounds like you're basing your viewpoint on what someone else has told you about them. That's not good.

    Right/Left, Libs/Conserv, Dems/Repubs, all have talking points. No biggie. Wade through the muck and find the morsels of truth if necessary. Then corroborate through personal research. You are right that conservative and republican are not synonomous.

  • VoidEater

    I dislike mongering of most sorts. In my limited experience, Fox News is like many other brainwashing processes, focused to MTV graduates.

    I think Fox panders to a sad, selfish part of our humanity. And, yes, it is often hateful.

    When I compare it to more liberal figureheads, I find I am much more attracted to logic and compassion - both of which I find little of on the Fox infomercial.

    If the current administration has made a mistake, it is in tyring to be inclusive. And I would be making the exact same mistake in their shoes, sadly.

    It would be much easier to be lulled over to Republican ideas if the party were more socially inclusive - instead, I see invective and intolerance as marketing.

    I just don't understand the need to denigrate the ill, the different, those that disagree. It really has come down to this for me:

    Republicans have become the party of fanatical intolerance. > of course, that's not true of all individuals - but that's how it's marketed itself to me

    And that's not the world I want to live in. I don't want to live in a Kingdom of the Blind, or where people have to hide their identity or thoughts. I don't want to live in a country of fear. I reject white supremacy, "defence" of marriage, any one religion as part of the state.

    I embrace diversity, inclusion and compassion as my ideals.

    Republicans have become the WTS of politics. [ducks behind desk]

  • worldtraveller

    JO: We don't live in igloos, we do have television and the internets. I see Beck crying like a little school boy who dropped his lolipop. I hear hate filled Hannity ranting, as well as the rest of the boobs from clips of other shows and newscasts. Hard to completely avoid. I also see it on many occasions in hotel rooms across the US. Same hate filled crap, quite inconsistent to what so called Christians should be.

    So yes I have seen enough of their hate speeches to make a judgement.

    Just wish viewers could decide before having their poison stuffed down peoples throats.

    The "biggie" is that some cannot make their own decision.

  • journey-on

    Your opinion only seen through your personal lens, Void. I've been around a long time and have travelled many hills and valleys in my life. The most compassionate and generous people on the planet that I have known and do know are Republicans. They don't just "talk the talk". They "walk the walk" quietly and generously without fanfare or the need to advertise their compassion. Sometimes their strong individualist rhetoric is mistaken for a lack of tolerance, but I think it's just because philosophically they believe in teaching a man to fish for himself.

  • beksbks
    Republicans have become the party of fanatical intolerance. > of course, that's not true of all individuals - but that's how it's marketed itself to me

    Void, this is my experience as well. One need only look at the Tea Partiers and see the hatred. I've had the lyrics to "In the Flesh" by Pink Floyd in my head today, for this very reason (if you are familiar). It seems they have decided to appeal to the worst in us. Even good people who would not normally be so have fallen for some portion of the rhetoric, and in no time are less opposed to the rest of it. I'm so sorry to use this analogy, but it's much like the JW's. They are at the point where they have been so brainwashed, that they police thier own minds when they hear a dissenting argument.

    If the current administration has made a mistake, it is in tyring to be inclusive.

    And in underestimating the absolute ruthless need to get and keep power.

    And I would be making the exact same mistake in their shoes, sadly.

    Me too.

  • BizzyBee

    Well said, Void. Inarguable, really.

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