I Don't Sympathise With Suicides

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  • uncle jimbo
    uncle jimbo

    Hey kevin,

    if you ever need help, I will gladly spot you a FULL bottle of sleeping pills and a fifth of vodka.

    Or a pistol, or you can gladly suck the tailpipe on my truck (with engine running. just pretend my truck is your boyfriend jon. I think you can figure out the rest. ;-)

    well, maybe not. you have to wrap your lips around the WHOLE tailpipe, not just half of it. like a bottle of pills, 1/2 a pipe does 1/2 a job.

    call me a good samaritian.


  • bigboi


    I understand your point and agree with it to a certain extent. However, the experience Waiting related is the main reason u can never take threats like that too lightly. You just can't ever tell for certain, until it's too late.



  • uncle jimbo
    uncle jimbo

    three cheers for englishman!

    for having the courage to say what had to be said....

    hey my offer of sleeping pills and vodka is open to any depressed person seeking to do themselves in. Just doing my part to control the people population.

  • seven006


    No disrespect intended but I wonder how tough you would be and what kinds of comments you would make if you wife suddenly was killed in a car accident. You have a great life, a loving beautiful wife, lot's of friends and a bar stool with your name on it at you local pub. I'm sure looking at life throng your eyes you do not have time for the pain in someone else's.

    It's people like you who make comments like you have that become the most devastated victims when something like what happens to Kevin happens to you. Iv seen the biggest and strongest of men get down on their knees and cry like a baby at the loss of a loved one. Showing emotion and doing things a little out of the ordinary are normal for most people in circumstances like this. Saying someone needs to act like a man and not feel pain or react to that pain is a very narrow minded look at life. The stiff upper lip concept is fine for some but it's just arrogant stupidity to others.

    Enjoy your life and treasure your wife and friends. They all can be gone in a heart beat. Until it happens to you, and I hope it never does, you may never understand how Kevin feels. Iv seen a lot of death and pain in my life, more than a lot of people. It is something that changes your life and makes you become a more understanding person. Kevin is not out to gather sympathy form from the women on the board, he's gay for Christ sakes. And even if it was I don't see where it should bother you one way or another. You are one of the most frequent posters on this board and if anyone would need to judge and try to put point a finger at someone looking for attention I'm sure a few fingers would point at you.

    That kind of stuff is bullshit, whether it is done toward you or anyone else including Kevin. Kevin's partner was a friend of mine and a damn good person. He died sudden and many people were hurting because of it. As you said yourself, you don't know Kevin, maybe if you took a little time to get to know the man you might be a little more understanding.

    I always thought you had more character than this. Either that or you are going through a few problems in your own life and this is how you deal with it. I don't know. What I do know is I think you are a great guy and I'm a bit surprised in your comment. I guess we all get to know a little more about each other in times like this.

    Be thankful for the life you have and the people you love in it. They may not always be there. It's just something to think about.

    Take care,


  • seven006

    Hey Jimbo,

    Your intelligence is showing, you might want to think about zipping your pants up.


  • jayhawk1

    Englishman, now you can see first hand what Uncle Jimbo is all about and why we raised such hell. I can respect your opinion, but not this arse hole's.

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

    Jeremy's Hate Mail Hall Of Fame.
    http://hometown.aol.com/onjehovahside/ and Kylishhlee@aol.com

  • DannyBear


    Everything you said!

    Englishman, how many times while sitting on your pub stool, have you offered sympathy to a 'drinking mate' going through a divorce? Loss of job? Hell a bad time had a the local mechanic's shop? Often eh?

    Yet you take this hard line stand on those hurting so deeply, they are thinking of offing themselves???? What crock of bullshit!

    Id rather make ten mistakes as regards this situation, than to have to live with the thought that, just maybe, I could of done something to help.

    I hope you never wake up in the night, so devastated so dark of spirit, knowing for sure that death is your only remedy, then phone a friend, who tell's you 'yeah go ahead and do it'....Iam to busy.


  • patio34

    Hi E-man,

    This is a very provocative thread and is eliciting a variety of opinions.

    I would rather extend the benefit of the doubt to anyone who makes such a desperate plea. It's hard to grasp the rationale of someone who could coldly say to go ahead and die. Where's the humanity?

    I would rather err on the side of kindness repeatedly than contribute to the death of anyone.

    For some of us, that would be more of a burden on our conscience than we could bear.


  • seven006


    Exactly how large is a "crock" of bullshit? Iv used that measurement before but quite honestly do not know the exact dimensions. Is it close to a "pile" of bullshit or a "load" of bullshit?

    Please get back with me on this one so I can properly fit the size of bullshit to the statement of bullshit. It's embarrassing not knowing the weight of ones bullshit.

    You made some damn good points.Good to see ya bonehead!

    Take care, your bud,


  • Mindchild

    Englishman, Uncle Jimbo, and Uncle Bruce and all the others of you who are such an outstanding example of self love...(said with heavy sarcasm) thank you for so clearly demonstrating your views and thinking. I won't bother to insult any of you except to say this: there is less chance of getting any of you to change your minds and find some love for your fellow man than getting the deleterious old men running the Watchtower show to realize what they are doing is murdering people. Your own words condemn you.


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