I Don't Sympathise With Suicides

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  • flower

    you are right, the way he went about it was wrong. its always wrong to do something like that and there are no two ways about that. but getting past that is the underlying problem and that is something not many people here understand having never been in that situation.

    you cant, as binadub and others seem to think, know what its like to be in that mindset unless you have lived it. and having been there, while i do not condone or approve of his behavior, i do UNDERSTAND it and some people seem to THINK they understand but are way off base.

    just show a little compassion to people even when they do things that you dont like. try to treat people like they are human beings and make mistakes sometimes.

    You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

  • spike

    Some people are not truly victims but have no choice because of chemicals in their brain not working right. I'm taking about bi-polar diagnosis. Some of their medications have side effects that can cause suicide. Whom ever cries out about taking their life must be taken serious. I'm glad most on this board are suicide free. Until you walk in a person's shoes, what makes you an expert to judge? Why don't you have empathy?

  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire

    Just reading all these posts on this thread I think is very good.
    Many express their feeling this is good.
    Some are very honest to the point that they may get some negative feed back, this is also good, we learn this way when people are trying to be honest.

    I think Eman did us all a favor by starting this thread and being honest, he got the ball rolling.

    If someone lived a trillion X longer than you, and had a billion X more reasoning ability would he come to the same conclusions as you?
  • Billygoat


    I agree. Although I don't always agree with others viewpoints, I respect them for having come up with one on their own - not just spewing out something the WTS told them to say.


    Even though I disagree with your viewpoint, I do hope you know I hold you in high regard and respect you a lot. You're one of my faves here! I've always appreciated your wicked sense of humor and your emotionally balanced viewpoints.


  • LB

    I'm pretty much speechless too. So what would you have us do? Dare the poor guy to take his life?

    Heartless is too kind a word.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • Uncanny

    Ditto, Englishman,

    I've never viewed myself as a heartless SOB, but I do view suicide as the ultimate in sulking.


  • Mum

    Not everyone is cut from the same cloth. Maybe you don't relate to the suicidal tendency, but others might. My mother proclaims that she cannot understand why anyone would want to take her own life. But my mother had a loving, supportive family no matter what.

    Mental illness is as valid as any other kind of illness. People who threaten suicide, even repeatedly, need help whether we understand their mode of thinking or not.

    Seize the day, and put the least possible trust in tomorrow. - Horace

    I have learned to live each day as it comes and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow. - Dorothy Dix

  • ZazuWitts

    I typed 'suicide warning signs' into a search engine, dozens and dozens of sites came up.

    With little variation on all these sites, this is typically what was stated.

    75% of 'successful' suicide attempts were talked of before hand, and/or indicated by unusual or dangerous behaviors; one often mentioned was combining alcohol with drugs.

    While males have the highest percentage of 'successful' suicides, beginning with older (past age 60) males, then teenagers, then younger to mid-adult males.

    Women are more likely to 'say' they have attempted suicide, or are considering it for the attention factor, or as a desperation measure in a love-gone-bad relationship.

    Homosexuals, lesbians, and bisexuals all have a suicide rate up to at least 7% higher than heterosexual populations. (Some studies put it even higher.)

    Suicidal thoughts and attempts are significantly higher among people who:

    1. Have lost a mate/partner, parent, or other close relative.

    2. Among those who have had a dramatic experience connected with religion - excommunication, disillusionment re formally held deep beliefs, sudden abandonment of previous held beliefs...such as turning from Christianity to atheism, or vice versa without taking the time to be truly grounded/secure in new beliefs.

    3. Have been primary caregivers for someone close to them who has suffered longterm, and died as a result of a henious illness, particularly, but not limited to cancer in its various forms.

    There was much more information presented, but I wanted to specifically mention the above, because in one way or another they apply to Kevin. Furthermore, he had to additionally deal with stress imposed from Jon-Jon's JW father.

    Do I think Kevin truly wants to die? NO, but there is no doubt he is experiencing out of control thoughts, and does need the professional help, which will now hopefully be forthcoming.

    I give him credit, too, for coming back today to apologize, it couldn't have been an easy thing to do, to facing the entire JW.com community, and he could have just as easily privately e-mailed one or two of his chatroom friends.

  • Englishman
    I'm pretty much speechless too. So what would you have us do? Dare the poor guy to take his life?



    Bring on the dancing girls!

  • unclebruce

    Hip hip horray Englishman!

    Runningman's "Well, that's not very polically correct of you. But, I see your point" has me in hysterics LOL.

    It's very easy for people who haven't had much experience with suiciders and fakers to carry on like pork chops whenever someone makes light of the subject. It really can be funny even while it's happening (like your two examples) I've got the outline of a post on the humourous side of self flagellation and suicide but don't know....

    Some guy had a fit yesterday because I dared say to Kevin that i'd wrap him in a blanket and throw him off the pier .. big deal I've done worse than that to depressed people. I started making up a list of people i know who have attempted suicide .. it ended up around two dozen. From my wifes granfather and several sisters who succeeded to a host of others who got help from myself and many others. Laughter is a big key to mental health and well being.

    You're such a breath of fresh air English.

    cheers, unclebruce

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