Just got ahold of "secret elders meetings" notes.

by aquagirl 71 Replies latest jw friends

  • chickpea
    investigate so and so,she was seen at a movie,talk to sister so and so about her weight

    i hope it does get out on the interwebs...
    more info to support the reality that there
    is a public vs private vs secret aspect of
    the WTS

  • moshe

    Yeah, I remember all that petty stuff- so and so seen smoking, sister was seen buying a disco record, OMG, what sins they had to ferret out in the KH.

  • aquagirl

    They had notes on a disfellowshipping,the guy was seen at a rock concert and drinking and "RECKLESSLY DANCING".I kid you not.Also many notes on what exactly young folks touched on whom and all.Very sick stuff.

  • nelly136

    is this the kind of info that theyve declared as non existant to data protection agencies ?

  • Farkel

    There is no way to verify who wrote the notes.


  • aquagirl

    They re all either initialed or signed by all of the presiding elderguys.in different inks.All different psycho type signatures..Im tellin' you guys,I hit the frikkin motherload!

  • AllTimeJeff

    Hey aqua

    I just read Farkels simple remark, and I think it bears some further thought.

    There is a ton of crap as well as legit information on JW's on the internet. I have no doubt that you hit the motherload.

    Unless your notes are attributed, and unless you take the time to learn what mentioning names on the internet could potentially have on you, then at the very least, it might be best to give it more thought. Maybe brainstorm it like you are doing here now.

    Names make it legit. The other option is redacting all names, which protects you. Doing that also takes away a bit of the documents legitimacy.

    Just a thought. I for one as a former elder would LOVE to read it just for curiosity's sake. Not that it matters to me, I am a bit of a gossip. ;)

  • SirNose586
    Make copies and send them to the people who were spoken about in the meetings. They should be entitled to a copy.

    Finally-Free's right. The victims need to know what has been written about them. You might just open some eyes with this sort of thing. As much as I'd love to read the notes first, those people should find out what their "caring, loving" elders think about them. Photocopy them, and give those copies out first.

    After you do that, here's how you get the goods to us:

    1. Scan the files. I recommend TIFF or PNG format, but you can use JPEG to save some space.

    2. Make sure the sensitive info (names, addresses, etc.) is blacked out. Use MS Paint if you have to.

    3. Compile your censored scans into a zip file. I prefer 7Zip but WinRAR is fine.

    4. File uploading sites are a dime a dozen on the internet. One which hasn't given me much of a hassle is sendspace.com. Upload your zip file to sendspace, and give us all the link.

  • crazyblondeb

    I agree that those in your notes need to have copies of what was said.

    I would contact barbara anderson, and see what you can you with them.

    We would all love to see these, but we don't want your indenity compromised.

  • JAFO

    Box.net is also particularly hassle-free for uploads..

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