Just got ahold of "secret elders meetings" notes.

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  • AdaMakawee

    Why don't you contact Barbara Anderson and get some advice. Or give them to Barbara and let her handle it, she can use the notes as evidence of ((well I'm having a mind fart, don't remember the legal term.. whenyou are trying to establish they way someone conducts business regularly as opposed to a one-time thing)). There are on-going lawsuits all over that this could be a god-send to, as long as the discovery was legal.


  • WuzLovesDubs

    I say scan all of them, and send them to someone on this list that can be trusted to post them FOR you. Then they wont be able to trace them back to YOU at all unless you are the only EXJW in the entire Kingdom Hall or something. Like maybe Jeff. He would know how to boil them down to the good stuff without posting anything personal.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    Legally speaking, you could face some liability for making these things public. Just because you redact the names and addresses won't relieve you of this liability, if individuals could still be recognized by the details. It could be worse if anything you published was false, and you knew, or if you were making public some private information about individuals, or if the information you were putting out there tended to show them in a false light.

    As "anonymous" as the internet seems, it's not anonymous at all with subpoenas, it is pretty hard to guarantee anonymity of the poster. Just ask the defendant on a case I'm working on right now. Domainsbyproxy.com spilled its guts within days of the subpoena. Didn't even bother notify the consumer (defendant) before revealing her identity, address, phone number, IP addresses, all her phone calls to the hosting service, and even her entire credit card number and its security codes to plaintiff's legal team (me).

    Legitmate legal advice aside, we love any dirty, juicy, damning trash we can get our hands on. What's taking you so long?

  • moshe

    I'm all for helping people stay out of the WT, but nobody here needs to go to jail just to help some fence sitter figure out, if the KH is a nice place or not. Maybe the National Enquirer will pay for it.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    ^ good point Moshe, if these have been obtained illegally then don't post them.

  • moshe

    Yes MM, I like to stay out of trouble. Always, ask your self two questions when faced with a situation like the one we have been discussing with publicizing these papers.-

    A- is there any upside in this for me? ( no not personally, but posting these confidential papers might embarrass the WT org)

    B - is there a possible downside for me? ( yeah, being sued by WT lawyers, a huge judgment- then bankruptcy or even criminal charges and jail)

    The problem is solved, the answer is easy- burn the damn stuff.

    We also might remember what happened to the guys who thought Watergate was a good idea.

  • aquagirl

    Ok,who is Barbara Anderson?And I inherited the papers and notes legaly.No thievery or such.Now,the way I see it,people who are really brainwashed in the cult are not going to believe or even see it,Im sure.To them,it'll be "satans work",but maybe it'll make things easier for those who just left,or who are honestly on the edge..Literally,I have a contractors bag full of this stuff.Also,these clowns have made my life hell,familywise,and yeah,ok,I admit it.Id like to see em sweat a little.Or a lot.

  • aquagirl

    Im thinking of having a tshirt made titled,"Calvin dancing recklessly at a rock concert"..This was one of the huge topics of discussion,seemed to go on for months!.

  • hubert

    I think Moshe is right. You may open a can of worms with this, that can hurt you in the long run. Wait to see what Barbara Anderson says, and even consult a lawyer before making any rash decisions.


  • MsDucky

    As for as uploading stuff, the government loves to use Adobe PDF. I never used it; so I can't walk you through it. . .just a thought. . .

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