Just got ahold of "secret elders meetings" notes.

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  • aquagirl

    How do I find Barbara Anderson?

  • hubert

    I am pretty sure by now, someone may be trying to get hold of her. You could also send her a "PM".

    She posts here, under "Barbara Anderson. Look her up in "Members" pages, or find a post from her and click on her name.


  • Lady Lee
  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    actually she posts under the name AndersonInfo and the second link above will take you to her profile

  • AudeSapere
    Hubert wrote: She posts here, under "Barbara Anderson

    Actually, I believe her nick is: AndersonsInfo.


  • hubert

    Oooops, sorry, people.


  • moshe

    Well since you own them legally, that changes everything. You could get a lawyer and have him send an offer the the WT Society, that you will sell the notes to them, before they fall into apostate hands for a measly one million dollars!

  • Fatfreek

    Since our PM system doesn't alert the recipient, Barbara may never see a message to her.

    I've emailed her and given her the link of this thread. Good luck.


  • hubert



  • Georgiegirl

    As someone who used to be a True Believer and subjected myself to one of these humiliating and devastating JCs, I urge you to look at the other side of this. Rather than all of us salivating at what "juicy" details might be uncovered or rubbing our hands with glee at "exposing" the organization, perhaps think of the victims? I would be DEVASTATED if I came online and found the notes from JC freely available - whether my name was redacted or not. It would be like being emotionally raped all over again. Please think long and hard about the potential emotional and mental harm this could do to ones who think this things are buried. One stash of elder's notes is not going to bring down this organization.

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