The Only Real "Take" You Can Have on the Date of Jerusalems Destruction

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  • thetrueone

    I think thats the whole point about Scholar he accumulates facts from

    falsifying profiteers ( The Watchtower Corporation) and embraces them whole heartedly.

    I'd still like to hear his explanation of how this truth giving organization came up with 6000

    years of mans existence, up until 1975. !

    For a group of individuals to front a ball park lie like and then sell it to the public, identifying it as spiritual food

    kind of tells real the story doesn't it ?

    Bullshit fear mongering religious charlatans comes to mind.

  • thetrueone

    Its funny how Scholar is an apostate to the real truth, but then again this is how

    mental indoctrination works on people over a period of time, it weakens their ability

    radicalize and resolve problems by themselves and takes way their ability to think

    for themselves, outside of the set parameters of the procuring indoctrinators.

    Essentially the WTS. is controlling his mind and has technically removed any self inserting analytical thought.

    Unfortunate for him the WTS. just sees him as a simple number of their propagating marketing slaves.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    scholar: "You are correct, apostates don't invent any dates at all because all they do is copy others being gullible to boot."

    Exactly as "scholar JW" and his fellow gullible apostates have copied dates from others, such as noted pyramidologist Charles F. Redeker:

    Bro. Edgar considered the 70 year length of the desolation period a necessary link in the chain of Bible chronology that spanned the period from Creation to the ending of the 6,000 years in 1872 A. D. He found abundant confirmation for the length of the desolation in measurements of the passageway system of the Great Pyramid, which earlier had been discovered to corroborate the overall chronology of the Bible on an inch (Pyramid inch unit) to a year basis. The full 70 year length proved vital to many of the basic Pyramid measurements which depicted such chronological periods and prophetic parallels as the Flood to Christ’s Baptism, the Law Dispensation, the Parallel of Favor and Punishment upon Israel, and many others as well. Overall, he felt the Pyramid findings were a great encouragement to the faith of the Lord’s people in the chronology of the Bible, by serving as an added witness to its truthfulness. (Edgar, pp. 13- 16, 58- 60, 83- 86, 137- 140)

    As may be seen, there is precise agreement between the actual Pyramid measurements and the Bible chronology. This provides us with strong confirmation of the accuracy of the Bowen/ Russell chronology and also forcibly contradicts a 587 B. C. date for derusalem’s fall. Such a date would be disharmonious with these results and would require 20 years to be removed from each measurement. But as noted earlier, these measurements are 44 etched" in solid stone, extending from one construction feature to another, and simply will not yield to a 20 Pyramid inch correction (an inch for a year). Therefore, we must conclude that we have here a very unique and God- given witness to the accuracy of the true Bible chronology and a forceful refutation of the Babylonian records.

    Indeed, with his 607 historic gymnastics, scholar is a believing, active pyramidologist apologist.

    B the X

  • thetrueone

    Good catch Billy

    I remember reading that a while back but couldn't relocate where I read it.....Thanks

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    Here's one of my favorites. Near the bottom of the page, "scholar" posts a list of 5 "non JW scholars who support 607 BCE". We analyze their qualifications on the following pages.

    On a couple of threads, such as this one , "scholar" has been challenged to name just one non-JW that advocates 607. Sadly, he hasn't provided any new names.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    ATJ: "Billy, please go ahead with the pyramidology. It is so ridiculous that I even doubted it when I first heard about it, till I read in the WT's of that era how Russell did indeed measure pyramids to back up 1914. No problem!"

    Thanks. I keep Studies Vol. 2 nearby in order to recall things like p.320, "the Great Pyramid is Jehovah's "Witness".

  • AllTimeJeff
    "the Great Pyramid is Jehovah's "Witness".

    Wow, more proof that Russell was ahead of Rutherford.

  • thetrueone

    Isn't the Watchtower Society a Pyramid scheme anyways ?

  • diamondiiz

    Billy - I keep Studies Vol. 2 nearby in order to recall things like p.320

    Hope you mean vol 3 for all those lurkers out there which also goes by Thy Kingdom Come

  • scholar


    Post 495

    Are you then saying that there are absolutely no facts at all in support of 607 BCE? Are you saying that the calculation of 607 BCE is a figment of imagination? Are you saying that there is no history or prophecy in the Bible? Are you saying that there can be no such thing as a Bible chronology and if that is true then equally 586 or 587 BCE are also imaginary or fictitious dates?

    scholar JW

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