The Only Real "Take" You Can Have on the Date of Jerusalems Destruction

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    For your information and for the sake of accuracy 607 BCE is proved by the following:

    The Bible

    Secular souces both ancient and modern

    Bible scholarship both past and present

    WT Publications

    scholar JW

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    Jeff T

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    Issues of chronology are distinct and separate to matters of eschatology although eschatology which is a science of prophecy is dependent on sound history and chronology.

    scholar JW

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    Your comments are based on ignorance and foolishness for the date of Jerusalem's destruction was the beginning of the Gentile Times ending in 1914 CE proven by the facts of modern history so the validity of 607 BCE is a matter of establihed fact/

    scholar JW

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  • sooner7nc

    Watchout outlaw! Scholars got the "SAW of Truth" on his side. pathetic and incompetent

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    Then provide me with real data to prove your assertions.

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    A Watchtower Scholar is not a Scholar to trust ......truth

    It is widely but not universally accepted that the Deuteronomistic History (Dtr) was written during the reign of Josiah (reigned c.641-609 BCE) with final revisions and additions a few decades after the destruction of Jerusalem (586 BCE). A minority viewpoint, but an important one, thinks that it was written considerably later, in the late Persian Period (c 500-300 BCE) or even in the Hellenistic Period in the third or second centuries BCE. The majority of scholars accept the earlier dates, largely because the Hebrew of the Dtr looks much more like that of pre-exilic inscriptions than Hellenistic Hebrew, and it is entirely lacking in the sort of anachronisms one would expect from a Persian or Hellenistic text - it contains no Persian words, no Greek words, and no mention of persons or events later than the early part of the exile.

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    And the year used by the WTS. (607 BCE ) had absolutely nothing to do with Russell's idealogical assertions

    formulated by Pyramidology theories to bring more significance to 1914.

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    you said

    At the end of the day Jeff, I say, as far as 586/587 vs 606/ what. Do what Christ commanded you to do is what I say. The key part of that, is what Christ told you to do and the example he set. Not some group of men who decided to speak on behalf of an Entity they dont seem to really have a firm grasp of a relationship with. They have more of a relationship with their organization and It's interests, than they do with God and his Son.

    Of course you are right about this, but as you are still an active JW you need to be careful who you express this opinion to. Mouthy (Grace Gough) was disfellowshipped for holding this very opinion.

    Also if you continue to align yourself with a group that speaks falsely in God's name, takes on an authority that isn't theirs to take based on these dates, and are more concerned with their precious organization than their relationship with God, how does God view your continued support of them now that you know they're wrong?

    Food for thought.

  • miseryloveselders

    Hey Boyzone, and Wobble, I appreciate both your thoughts.

    Boyzone, I hope that my words don't come off as confusing as it's late, and I'm getting ready to hit the sack. It's quarter after 3am where I'm at and I can feel the Ambien working. I personally don't subscribe to the thought that there is a particular religion, Christianwise that is, that anybody must suscribe to for salvation. At the end of the day, God reads hearts. Not organizations. As far as God having a negative view of me because I'm still actively involved with JWs, I don't believe that. The same way I don't believe God has negative thoughts toward those in Catholic or Protestant or Mormon faiths. My reason behind that is, there has been too much lost throughout history for anybody to make the claim that they have "truth". I believe most Christian faiths, if not all, have some of the truth. Whether that be JWs or any other Christian faith. There are some things that since I've been researching JWs history, and JW doctrinal changes, some things I can honestly say that JWs have nailed regarding certain doctrines, others they've failed miserably at. The same can be said for other faiths in my opinion.

    AS far as authority goes, you only allow people on this planet to have authority over you as much as you let them. At this point while there are things I disagree with in regards to the WTS, it's not enough where I feel that it affects my relationship with God. The Bible is too vague, and history's remains too questionable for there to be any "truth". So my conscious does not bother me, although I will concede there are certain things I refuse to support from the platform or ministry. Believe me, I won't be making my reservations know publicly to other JWs. I feel for Mouthy, but I'm not going down that path. At least as long as both of my parents are living. I owe them too much.

    I'm going to have to address this again tommorrow, when my head is more clear. But I do welcome your thoughts Boyzone.

    G'night everyone.

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