List of Prominent JW Urban Legends...

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  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    How about the rumor about records and if you played them backwards you got demonic messages?? I remember doing that as a kid and never heard a thing.

    Also I remember a bunch of talk once that there was blood in Tootsie Rolls!

    Another one was to avoid buying things at garage sales or else your house would become possessed.

  • stillajwexelder

    The one about China wanting MEPS software and all the WTS wanted in return was freedom of worship

  • stillajwexelder

    the group WASP meant We Are Sexual Perverts

    KISS is Knights in Satans Service


  • EmptyInside

    I also heard the one of the warlock/hairdresser who told the Witness that since their children died in the flood. They were going to get as many JW children on their side as possible, so they would die. And I also heard the ones about pets actually talking out in service telling their owners not to listen to the Witnesses or let them in the house. I wonder where all these rumors started. I heard a lot from my ex-sister-in-law who was from New Jersey. Maybe it was just her, but she seemed to think that people from New Jersey had some direct link to Bethel . Which always led me to the conclusion that these rumors started with some very bored, young Bethelites. Oh, and let's not forget the hidden pictures in the Watchtower. My sister-in-law had us looking upside down at the Watchtower, so we would see a skull drawn in a sister's skirt by some apostate Bethelites.

  • mamochan13

    Wow. I had forgotten some of these. In Canada we heard these, too. The John Denver one was told to me by a pioneer who had just returned from Bethel. She claimed she was at the concert and he refused to start until all JW's had left the building.

    I heard the JW vs Avon lady one way back when. Also heard about Don Ho - that he hated Witnesses and wouldn't have them at his shows.

    My super-dub pioneer aunt told me the one slimboyfat recounts, except I heard it as some freak at the door who was acting all demonic and said that the demons were out to get all the JW children (it really freaked us out). The same aunt told a story about Malawi, after the JW intensive letter writing campaign, how the high bishop had been arrested and strung up by his hands and was punished for hurting the JWs.

    My aunt also told one about how in the early 70s the GB tried to arrange international conventions all around Europe for 1975. They found everything was completely booked everywhere they went. When they went back and instead tried to book for 1974, suddenly all the venues were free.

    I heard one, too, about a circuit overseer and his wife who visited a tribe in remote Africa and who were tormented by demons all night long in their tent and how they only way they survived was by saying the name of Jehovah over and over again. Blood in food products was a biggie: we weren't allowed to eat red licorice for that reason.

  • brinjen
    The John Denver one was told to me by a pioneer who had just returned from Bethel. She claimed she was at the concert and he refused to start until all JW's had left the building.

    Interesting... I was told the same thing by a sister my congregation... that she was at one of his concerts and he demanded all the JW's leave before he would continue playing.

  • Tuesday

    Hey folks so here are the ones I'm planning on doing. All of these I can find a history of the rumor and confirm if they're either true or not true. In all cases there is something documented to the effect showing either/or and funny enough most of the rumors are ones that didn't begin with JWs to begin with. Let me know if there are ones you would really want to see addressed or if there's one on here you think isn't worth doing.

    1.) Jeopardy had a question on it once that asked what was the most accurate translation of the bible and the answer was the New World Translation.

    2.) John Denver once asked all the Jehovah's Witnesses in the audience to leave the concert.

    3.) Oprah once kicked off a guest that insulted Jehovah's Witnesses.

    4.) A sister went to the home of a serial killer and was spared because "someone was standing behind her".

    5.) The risks of bloodless surgery are far less than receiving a blood transfusion.

    6.) JWs have the lowest percentage of criminals of any religion. (JWs are the most moral religion)

    7.) The Pope said that Jehovah's Witnesses were the right religion and not Catholics.

    8.) Dwight D. Eisenhauer was raised as a Jehovah's Witness.

    9.) The only people who critisize the religion are people who were wronged by the religion.

  • saywhat29

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the ring Urban Legend.

    JW legend has it that there was this couple that had been studying off and on with Jws. They were going through hardships (and it just dawned on me that JWs love the word hardships where you will hardly hear said word anywhere else) when they started studying with witnesses. Since they weren't baptized they did not have Jehovah's protection... and sadly the demons were inside of their home trying to discourage them from learning the truth!- moving things, screaming in the middle of the night, invisible forces pushing them, etc.

    One day the couple informed the witnesses of what was happening to them and God's Faithful Servints (tm) told the couple to go through their home and find any and everything that was wicked and evil. The couple did a quick cleaning of their home and got rid of anything relating to other religions and the occult.

    But sadly the couple were still being attacked- and now even worse! The Witnesses asked them to think of anything else in ther home that may have come from a wicked person that may allow the demons to attack them. had they been to any garage sales lately? had they borrowed Grandma's quilt with that large crucifix on it?

    The wife then remembered that her Wedding Ring had been purchased by a woman that was known to be heavily involved with the occult in the area. At last, they had discovered the evil item! The husband took the wife's wedding ring, drove it by a nearby bridge and hurled it into the lake!

    Finally, they were free from Satan's influence! The following day, though, the husband and wife awakened to noise coming from their bathroom. Shaken up a bit they entered the porcelein throneroom to see there cabinet shaking about. When they opened the cabinet, they screamed finding the wife's wedding band- the one the husband had thrown in the lake the night before sitting right there! The jewel in the ring even glowed back at them, like an evil "F*&% You! hahahahahahaa!"

    Art once they called the Witnesses who came to their aid (obviously it wasn't a meeting night or else they would have been stuck with the Flying EvilRing... maybe this happened on Saturday night?) and with the help of the elders, the couple set the evil ring on fire!

    The demonic ring burned slowly and turned the fire into a demonic-unnatural- green flame (I'm thinking Jungle Green but some people say it was Seaweed Green... who knows what color demons turn when you set them on fire). Deep gut wrenching screams could be heard around them as the ring slowly burnt in the fire blessed by Jehovah!

    Afterward the couple were so moved and convinced by the Jehovah's Witness, they asked for the elder's to baptized them outside in ther daughter's kiddie pool. And they are faithful to this very day...

    We don't know who they are or where they are... but I'm pretty sure they are faithful to this very day...

  • RAS

    How about Michael Jackson…boy did JW’s make him a big deal when he first became famous…

  • Marni Mai
    Marni Mai

    "Plus I heard this story a few times: a Witness on holiday goes for a haircut (or some other place where to receive a service). Getting into conversation during the haircut the Witness starts talking about their beliefs. Suddenly the hairdresser becomes very distant, and starts acting strangely. As the Witness leaves the shop the hairdresser says in a demonic voice: "your God killed our children in the flood, and we will see that your children are killed at Armageddon." This is explained as a demon saying that because the children of demons, the nephilim, died in the flood of Noah's day, demons are trying their hardest to get Witness children out of the truth so that they will die at Armageddon. Some Witnesses have got vivid imaginations is all I can say. Did anyone else hear variations on that wacky story" by Slimboyfat

    oh yeah - my dad tried using that urban legend to scare me from leaving. Here's his version:

    "Satan will do all he can to make us fail. Like one person who was involved in spiritism said to one of our brothers that the spirits he was in contact with said that Jehovah did make them lose their kids in the flood (Nephelim) and they would make sure that we would lose as many kids as possible when Armageddon comes. Please don’t fall into their trap"

    Pffft I smelt that poo a mile away. Problem is, they actually believe this themselves after hearing it from others.

    He also tried the 'so-and-so wanted to taste the world and it turned out horrible, his/her life is now ruined' trick too...

    "For example only a few months ago we did disfellowship a young sister for immorality. It was very sad, but she felt that she wanted to taste the world first since having been brought up in the Truth she never knew what is was that she had missed out on. I told her that she would end up with a lot of problems which she would find hard to cope with in the near future. Well on Wednesday she turned up at the meeting and obviously pregnant. She looked about 10 years older and had big blue circles under her eyes. Sadly though she has lost her nice clean youthful look and will pay for it with having a baby without a husband and some nasty skeletons in the closet. Really the world only can offer you what appears fun but in the long run the consequences are dissasterus."

    I've heard the sister with angels ones, the shooting one and a bunch of others through the years. Pile of poo the lot of them.

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