List of Prominent JW Urban Legends...

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    The version of the John Denver story I heard was in the UK, Annie Lennox was the artist and she asked the JWs to leave because they were preventing her from summoning demons.

    Another urban legend that is repeated from the platform is the story about the young man who tried to shoot himself in the head to commit suicide because he was being driven mad by OCD. The story goes that by chance he blew out a tumor that was causing the OCD and survived. It's usually used to illustrate the foolishness of a college or university education.

    There's the one about the JW sister going to a serial rapist/murderers door and he doesn't attack her. When asked later why not he says because she was with two well built men; she says she was alone in the ministry...oooh *must be angels* Interestingly a very similar legend is repeated amongst mormons.

  • dissed

    The Avon lady being killed and not the JW is in the 'urban legend' staus.

    "I saw some big guy with her and let her go"


    Hawiian entertainer Don Ho..

    Was said to hate JW`s and would embarrass them at his shows..

    The truth was..

    Don Ho had JW`s on his staff and was hurt by the rumour..

    You can get more on that story from "Mulan"

    ................... ...OUTLAW

  • dissed

    That Prince Charles invited the JW's in for a serious discussion, taking many books?????


    You might have some fun with the fact..

    The WBT$ tried to cozy-up to Hitler..

    Doing that story would Piss Off a lot of JW`s..


    ................... ...OUTLA

  • slimboyfat

    I heard the story about Annie Lennox too.

    Plus I heard this story a few times: a Witness on holiday goes for a haircut (or some other place where to receive a service). Getting into conversation during the haircut the Witness starts talking about their beliefs. Suddenly the hairdresser becomes very distant, and starts acting strangely. As the Witness leaves the shop the hairdresser says in a demonic voice: "your God killed our children in the flood, and we will see that your children are killed at Armageddon." This is explained as a demon saying that because the children of demons, the nephilim, died in the flood of Noah's day, demons are trying their hardest to get Witness children out of the truth so that they will die at Armageddon. Some Witnesses have got vivid imaginations is all I can say. Did anyone else hear variations on that wacky story?

  • ziddina

    Oh, SlimBoyFat, there are (were when I was in...) more "Demonz versus JWs" stories floating around in the WTBTS than you can shake a stick at!! Prior to a "demonic attack" panic that happened when I was fairly young [sometime in the 1960's], the Awake mag was publishing actual accounts of "demonz" attacking JWs... Something happened [a lawsuit, perhaps?] that caused the WTBTS to stop publishing personal accounts of such attacks - the WTBTS became much more cautious - 'sly' - and would only publish 'warnings' of what 'could' happen if a good 'lil JW wasn't extremely careful...

    NotZidAnymore and extremely grumpy about it...

  • c.t.russel the IVth
    c.t.russel the IVth

    Another one was that that the country crooner Glen Campbell had become a witness.

  • bluecanary

    For Mickey Mouse, the OCD story may or may not be related to this guy or possibly this chick.

  • brinjen
    The version of the John Denver story I heard was in the UK, Annie Lennox was the artist and she asked the JWs to leave because they were preventing her from summoning demons.

    Green Day and Shakira were supposed to have done similar too.

    There's also the story of the sister who was alone when she called on a man who'd just committed a murder. When asked why he didn't kill her since she pretty much a witness, his reply was something along the lines of "those two huge men standing behind her" (supposedly angels)... version I heard happened 'somewhere in the US'.

    Another one that supposedly happened in the US... a carload of witnesses doing rural territory. Saw a lone house and to get it they had to drive across train tracks. Got stuck on the train tracks with a train coming and felt the car being lifted off the tracks just in the nick of time.

    Seriously... some of these dubs who start these legends should get themselves a job as a scriptwriter for 'Days Of Our Lives'.

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