List of Prominent JW Urban Legends...

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  • agonus

    I'm sure you're all familiar with the one-night-stand-"Welcome To the World of Aids"-lipstick-on-the-mirror urban legend. This is one of the oldest, most well-known and well-documented urban legends out there. It's practically a template for urban legends. Now, I'm not saying that something like this never happened or never could have happened, BUT...

    This story was presented FROM THE PODIUM at an assembly a few years ago as happening to a lapsed JW who "fell out of the truth" over a one-night stand then got AIDS as a result, except in this version, it was an engagement-ring-style box with a note inside rather than lipstick on the mirror. Other than that minor detail, it was pretty much verbatim.

    I remember when I heard this story from the podium. I thought immediately, "This is a WELL-DOCUMENTED URBAN LEGEND". I mentioned it to my wife, who seemed none too happy that I would dare make such a (nonetheless factual) charge. I had been having doubts for a long time, but I think that may have been the beginning of the end.

    That was maybe 5, 6 years ago.

    A couple of months ago my wife divorced me.

    Welcome to Watchtower Hell.

  • DNCall

    Fred Franz was acknolwedged to be "the world's foremost Bible scholar."

  • Robert7

    How about... (and I'm summing this up) where a Kingdom Hall was supposed to built on a plot of land, but because of a precious oak tree the approval was denied. The next day lightening struck down the tree, and the hall was able to be built!

    Another, that reading the WT and Awake magazines are equal to a college education!

  • blondie
  • flipper

    MICKEY MOUSE- I heard it was the group Earth, Wind, and Fire that asked witnesses to leave because they couldn't contact the demons to perform. Funny how rumors get twisted ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dissed

    This was read from the table at Bethel. I heard it direct in 1976.

    A strong earthquake hit Italy.

    It was in the summer and the JW's usually congregate outside in the parking lot after the meeting (no ac inside)

    The meeting always ending on time, but this time went overtime. The building next door collapsed onto the JW parking lot. Would have killed all if.....the meeting ended on time, but it was JG's direction it didn't and saved many.

    On the otherhand, from the same table announcement.......

    Another KH meeting finished early, the JW's went outside and guess what? The KH collapsed with no one geting hurt because they WERE outside.

    This JG moves in mysterious ways no?

    These type of experiences are ALWAYS shared at the table, showing how JG aves his people.

  • Slayerbard

    Lets see I heard one where a sister lived in a trailer or a small shack of a house. A angry anti witness mob showed up with torches to burn her house down.. just as they were about the to throw their torches. It rained....

    I heard that one of the Eagles had become a witness, I googled it found nothing to that effect. some sister even had a tape of "him" singing his own songs about the kingdom. Which I found odd cause the society FROWNS upon making up your own kingdom songs.

    another was told to me by the woman it happened to. some guy had her by the throat and she SCREAMED Jehovah as loud as she could...and the man let go and ran away. She thought it was a miracle. I think he just ran cause she yelled.

    I also heard of one of a sister "in another country" where she was about to be killed and some how the men who were supposed to kill her couldn't see her. or something. I think she rolled in ditch and they couldn't find her.

    I remember the last day of the circuit assembly the last talk was always FULL of these "miracle" experiences. Don't hear much of them anymore.

    I was told once the reason I was having nightmares was cause demons were after me.

    Also if anyone else that is "worldly" has a miracle experience where they say and angel helped them or something. It is automaticly assumed Demons saved them. Only dubs get to brag they were saved by God..

  • Slayerbard

    Oh I forgot I also heard the FAMOUS Urban Legend "Nasa and the missing day" Read from the platform! I knew right away it was BS.. I remember lookign around with everyone having that "awe" expression on there face. That was the day I started doubting everything! I tried to tell some people it was a popluar urban legend. They wanted to hear nothing of it. Making all excuses that "it was heard from the platform by a BROTHER" and "of course NASA would deny it ever happened". UGH..

  • HappyGuy

    There is one about a pioneer sister in field service (alone of course) and she goes to a door where a serial killer (psychopath) is staying, he answers the door but just nods and takes the magazine. Later that day the serial killer rapes and murders a young woman who looks similar to the pioneer sister. The homocide detectives find out about the pioneer sister through interviews of the neighbors and contact the KH and find out who she is and interview her. She claims that the man was very peaceful but was looking at her like he was afraid of her.

    The homocide detectives ask the serial killer why he did not harm the Jehovah's Witness lady who came to his door alone. He says "Alone? She was not alone, those two big thugs were with her, no way was I going to tangle with them".

    I have heard variations on that story for many years from many different sources.

  • RAS

    Will the men of Sodom be resurrected?

    Yes Watchtower 7/18/79 p. 8

    No Watchtower 6/1/52 p. 338

    Yes Watchtower78/1/65 p. 47g

    No Watchtower7 6/1/88 p. 31

    Yes Live Forever (old ed. ) p. 179

    No Live Foreverr (new ed. ) p. 179

    No Insight, vol. 2, p. 985

    No Revelation. book, p. 273

    Also, their involvement with the United Nations

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