What JW catch phrase DRIVES YOU NUTS!!!!

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  • wasblind

    We are no part of the world


  • sarahsmile

    My exiting bible study the older sister qouted, "most people who do not believe that Jesus is Michael believe Jesus is Jehovah."

    "Not everyone who reads the bible is given the abilty to discern scripture."

    "The Jehovah's Witnesss are the only religion that actually changes doctrines when they error."

    "Jehovahs has an earthly organization! Which religion has truth." Baiting me into a thinking conversation. "Look at hell doctrine." picking on the Catholic church.

    "There was only one major event that happen where the entire world was involved. It really was a major sign for people." If people can discern the signs of the times (looking at me) not everyone will be able to do that." "World war 1."

    " Depend on the Faithful and Discreet Slave."

    "In Revelation Jesus states he was created." My reply, "In eternity."

    "Prior to his life on earth, he was Michael the Archangel."

    Theocratic Ministry School.

  • infernosdante

    spiritually weak,spiritual feast,shepherding call,bible trained conscience,honest hearted ones,thirsting for the truth

  • infernosdante

    oops ,i forgot our loving brothers,geez

  • d

    Avoiding Satans snares.

  • d

    "after the meeting their will be some refreshements and eats". Its called food why eats who says that?

  • d

    Can not wait for the new syestem.

    Satans world.

  • d

    a lyric from on the KH songs that goes "Like bees that were molested" I want to know what in the hell does that mean?

    I used to skip that line because it made me feel weird.

  • d

    Do you want to bring reporach upon Jehovah's name?

    That used to drive me mad.


    "Dear Brothers!" What about the sisters?!!!!

    "Large army of women" sniggers as a few kids heard it as "army of large women"

    "Isn't it sad..." how the apostates have a great time while we're stuck here wasting our lives away

    "Christmas is just about materialism" - yeah and materialism at xmas is sooooooo good.

    "Birthdays in the bible were always linked to beheading or death" yup and so were many of the battles - in fact those holy wars from God were often genocide. Birthdays are about kids having great fun not beheading - seriously wtf - sorry jimmy you can't go to your friends birthday - someone will lose their head?!

    "money doesn't make you happy" - lack of it can sure make you miserable.

    "this generation will by no means pass away" did i actually believe that bull?

    "spiritually uplifting" wasn't that supposed to happen in 1935?

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