What JW catch phrase DRIVES YOU NUTS!!!!

by megaflower 221 Replies latest jw friends

  • Bob_NC

    A "get together" and "a gathering." I found out after leaving that this is the same thing everyone else calls a party.

    And "the time left is reduced."

  • Splash


    I heard it at the recent DC "The greatest personage in the universe"


  • androb31

    "How happifying", "Spiritual paradise", "the end of this system of theeeengs", "Nu system of theengs", "You know it's the truth", "Where the need is greater" "Noo Lite" etc.......

  • d

    "Brothers we must learn to coordinate". That expression used to drive me mad. A brother I knew used to say that a lot

  • laverite

    Oh there are so many. But the two that really annoy me the most:

    Wait on Jehovah


    The Truth TM

  • LogCon

    WT “ There is no doubt…”

    He’s one of the remnant.

    WT “Thinking people agree…”

    She’s one of the remnant.

    WT “It would appear…”

    He’s one of the remnant.

    WT “All the evidence shows…”

    She’s one of the remnant.

    WT “The evidence proves…”

    He’s one of the remnant.

    Oh yes, and, They’re of the remnant.

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    "fine" used in the context of, "isn't that a fine brother there- great qualities?" Or "Wasn't that a fine amount of spiritual food at the appropriate time?" Or "Thank you everyone for those fine comments."

    I hear "fine" and immediately think of a gorgeous woman.

  • MsGrowingGirl20

    He/ She left Jehovah He/She drifted away from Jehovah The Truth

  • respectful_observer

    During the prayer:

    "Jehovah, we thank you for the provisions you provide."

    (Yeah, my eyes are open during the prayer.)

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters


    This is the utterance of Jehovah. (It always made me think that he was mumbling).

    And "ones" used to describe people. These ones. Those ones. Jehovah blesses these ones. These humble ones. Why do they just not say "people" or "individuals"? I guess that would personalize real human beings too much. Can't have that!!

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