My daughter (JW) just called .......

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  • arwen

    So happy to hear your news.. Thanks for sharing with us.. There is no love like the love of a mother for her chlld. It takes a while for kids to realize that. She has stepped out of the "box" to call you and thank you. That in itself is progress...I hope your contact will continue. You are a beautiful mother, Grace and I am sure she loves you but is under the influence of the borg. Maybe,,,, just maybe...things will change for her... Keep praying and I will too!! x0

  • Butterflyleia85

    Awww... that's awesome Mouthy!! :) I love hearing from my family too!! My grandma called me Weds. it was great! She was making sure I keeped up with the house and did my part. If I was having sucess looking for a job and if I got my deposit back from my old place. Hehe she is so sweet.

    Your sister sound like a nice lady as well and awww your so sweet Mouthy, to her!

  • TheSilence

    I'm so glad your daughter, called, Grace. I know it must mean the world to you.


  • moshe

    I am glad to hear she called you! Something tells me that retirement won't be so great for your daughter. Holding out for the great tribulation doesn't prepare JW's for retirement. I wonder if those grandkids and great grandkids realize what a wonderful grandma they have been missing out on! We love you!

  • mouthy

    All the warm responses made me cry,You are my family

    Thanks for all your replies.( & e-mails privately)

    Your sister sound like a nice lady as well and awww your so sweet Mouthy, to her!

    My Sister is in England ,she dont speak to me either,I figure you meant Susan
    Annmaries sister ,( my other daughter ,she is a wonderful help to me)

    each & every one of you


  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    Good morning Grace,

    So wonderful to hear that Annmarie phoned you. So happy for you. Love, GwQ

    ps: My mom is going to a Christmas dinner with us!! First time in almost 40 years. So many wonderful things happening. Will email you.

  • mouthy

    My mom is going to a Christmas dinner with us!!

    Hey she is coming along fine...Will you tell B about Annmarie please
    they were friends back in the beginning ,until B. saw the light

    Thanks again all

  • cantleave

    Mouthy (Grace) - I am absolutely delighted for you. I hope this can be built upon.

  • pat1060

    Mouthy,I'm so glad to have met you here,I completely understand your joy...I have never understood the way JW turn there backs,on mothers fathers children all famiely....Thanks for sharing your happiness.

  • wantstoleave

    Wow that is awesome Grace!! Am very happy for you

    I'll be your surrogate daughter if you like

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