My daughter (JW) just called .......

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  • mouthy

    Your a GREAT BUNCH all of you I never expected this many replies of love

    THANK YOU,THANK YOU Thank YOU ( still doing as the WT told me to repeat it 3 times if I mean it LOL

  • jamiebowers

    I'm glad for you, Granny, but I wonder where her "spiritual brothers and sisters" are in her time of need.

  • Snoozy

    Aw Grace that is so wonderful...I hope she realizes someday that you are much more important to her than any WTBTS could ever be. They can't hold her in their arms with a heart full of love for her..they cannot take care of her if she gets sick..they apparently aren't there for her now.

    We can always hope and pray and it looks like you're prayers may be getting answered....

    Me on the other hand now has a daughter that isn't speaking to me. And it isn't because of the JW religion either..She has been borrowing money from me every month and never even attempting to pay it back. At first I felt sorry for her but now I realize she is blowing her money somewhere and I think she is gambling. After 6 years of it I finally toldl her she needed to get a handle on her finances and this bank is now closed. She makes a good income and has regular (generous) child support every month coming in. I am also on a fixed income now. I told her I just can't keep bailing her out and what I felt was throwing money away as she wasn't paying Bills she was borrowing the money for and I found out.

    She told me that I am the worst mother in the world and the cruelest and she doesn't want me anywhere around her or her children or her grandchildren..

    The shock is slowly wearing off but they sure know how to hurt out hearts...



    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

    Seeing this gives me hope. It's been nine years since my kids talked to me.


  • AdaMakawee

    This story made my day. Patience and love win out and you have both of those in spades.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    That's cool Granny. Made my day.



  • mouthy

    Oh Snoozy(((HUG))) I understand I have a grand-daughter ( Melanie my daughter who died kid)
    I have been helping her out with money...But I just found out even though she cant pay her rent
    she spend $45.00 a MONTH on Avon....I too have to quit....

    Thanks all

  • Jim_TX


    Sorry I got here late - but just wanted to say that I am happy for you - and getting to talk with your daughter.

    See! If you stick around - good things happen!


    Jim TX

  • mouthy

    Jim TX

  • Robdar

    This is great news! Let's hope it's the beginning of something more.

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