My daughter (JW) just called .......

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  • mouthy

    After all these years!!!! She is 63 yrs old still a JW.. Has shunned me for years.
    She lives in Montreal me in Ontario...

    Last week I got the urge to send her a lovely card just to tell her I love her
    so I did, I also included $200.00 ,I addressed it to HER.& put Personal on the front.
    She just phoned... I shouted ANNMARIE!!! she laughed & said Yes!!! She said she
    was sleeping when the mail came ,& her hubby opened it & ran to the ATM machine to
    cash it....He is not a JW.. He had called months ago as he lost his job & needed
    money so I put $2000.00 in their bank account. But she was cross with him over that.
    But now for just $200.00 I got to speak to her.. I did shut my mouth when she told me
    that one of her grandkids had brought home a cross & she threw it out.. & a book on
    demons.... Wasnt that a good Granny!!!!!!

    Just wanted to share my joy with all you that consider me your Mum,Gran,Friend

  • Hopscotch

    wow Mouthy that is wonderful. I really hope that she doesn't cut you off again now. Surely your kindness and generosity to her even though you are a 'wicked apostate' that she has shunned for years must make her wonder. And it doesn't seem like she is getting help from her fellow JWs.

    All the best


  • ninja

    grace....I'm shunning you unless you send ME £500........

    signed your mate trevor/ninja

    ever the opportunist....he he.....p.s........your family don't deserve you woman

  • snowbird
    Just wanted to share my joy with all you that consider me your Mum,Gran,Friend


  • babygirl30

    CONGRATS on your daughter breaking down and speaking...I think it's WONDERFUL!!!

  • flipper

    MOUTHY- That is great news ! How long had it been approximately since your daughter has talked with you ? I just talked to my youngest after two and a half years of no contact. I wonder if strange things are happening in JW land these days which is motivating them to call us ? That was wise of you to bypass commenting on the " cross " and " demons " comment by your daughter. I have found by keeping real and dwelling on family topics or just general topics creates more peace which could increase chances for future discussions. I'm happy for you my friend ! Good luck on continued contact with her ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • leavingwt

    Wonderful news.

  • undercover

    That's nice to hear...Hopefully this is the re-start of a beautiful relationship.

  • purplesofa


    You have a way of melting hearts.


  • Dagney

    ((((Grace)))), I just love you.

    Your generous and loving works will speak volumes. So glad she called and was thankful.

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