My daughter (JW) just called .......

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  • Quandry
    Quandry happy for you. Sometimes just hearing a voice is enough to last for a long time. But I do hope maybe she will thaw enough soon to come and see you!!

  • mouthy

    I'll be your surrogate daughter if you like

    Well my love I have adopted everyone on the board.
    ( weather they like me or not )
    Simon & Angie accept me as the "old gal" they put up with me.
    I have been on here for many years ,have made many many friends,
    we have lost a few in death, in marriages,in packing there bags &
    getting their lives so much together,they didnt need it any more
    I dont think I can live with out you all, to laugh with me, cry with me,
    fight with me, teach me stuff I didnt know ,Great to be a "Job"
    I lost some of my real kids, so I was blessed with you lot.

    THANK GOD!!!!!

    And in fact I did lose all the animals the WT promised me in the new world. LOL

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