the Watchtower, December 15, 2009 (PDF)

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  • peacedog

    Thanks MissingLink.

    Sounds like some folks have most or all of the 2009 study edition pdfs. Any chance of getting links to those?

    Obeisance in advance,


  • possible-san

    The English Watchtower is valueless for me.
    I do not read that English basically.

    Once I tried to provide unconditionally.
    However, "impolite people" are interfering with it.

    This time, you are provided with the December issue without registering.
    Why do you always interfere with it?
    And why do you miss the opportunity for you to receive other Watchtower?

    After receiving other Watchtower unconditionally, are you going to make a fool of me again?

    I am only teaching you "information."
    For me, it is the worthless English Watchtower.
    We do not have the duty to continue providing you with them.

  • possible-san

    You should advise to people who interfere with your continuing receiving those materials.

    Why do you leave haughty people as it is?

    Probably, if there was no comments of those people, We must have provided other Watchtower through "MissingLink."

    Why do you interfere with it?

  • MissingLink

    Is it right to punish everyone because of a few rude people? The important thing is getting this material to the people who can use it to help their families. Try to ignore the people who you don't respect.

  • daniel-p

    What the hell is possible-san going on about? If it's over some Internet-dispute over who posts what and if he gets credit or not, can we remind him that the Watchtower is a copyrighted publication, and will be posted on their oficiall website anyway?

    The Internet cannot be this serious.

  • sir82
    The English Watchtower is valueless for me.

    Welcome to the club!

  • possible-san

    I think that their "negative comments" are not needed, after we provide through "MissingLink."

    Do you have to say negative comments?

    We expect appreciation and do not need your negative comments.

    In particular, I refuse the word "impossible."
    "Impossibility thinkers" (Negative thinker) use the word "impossible."

  • possible-san


    Thank you for your comment.

    Probably you are an American.
    And I am a Japanese.

    Although the Internet is worldwide, a situation changes with countries.

    For instance, in your country, you may be able to download videos of YouTube freely.
    However, it is "illegal" if you do it in Japan.
    You may be arrested when you download from YouTube.

    It is the fact although you may think it "F*ck."

    Please don't judge others using the common sense of your country.


  • Mebaqqer2

    possible just became Satan with that post...mark of the beast and all (look carefully).


  • possible-san


    What does your comment mean?
    Your comment is too symbolic and it is incomprehensible to me.

    Your comment is also quite negative.

    Well, I do not believe "Satan."
    It is because I refuse fundamentalism.

    Are you an active Jehovah's Witness?
    Please reply to my question.

    I have doubt to your sincerity now.
    Are you a person who calls others "Satan"?

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