the Watchtower, December 15, 2009 (PDF)

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  • creativhoney

    but after all this, no pdf lol. sounds like a babelfish translation

  • possible-san


    Never mind.
    I cannot understand English.

  • MissingLink

    possible-san came through! Thanks a million. Please pass that on to whoever created the file from all of us in the English speaking xjw community. I tried to connect to your forum to sign-up again, but I can't access it. I think my ISP is blocking it. When I try to ping it I get "domain is not reachable".

    I've cropped, shrunk, OCR, and removed the sensitive bits, and made it available here:

  • possible-san


    About your appreciation, although I am glad, probably the law (the Copyright Law) in Japan becomes severer.
    It means that there is danger of our being punished by the law.
    (Now, someone cannot enter to my forum for the purpose of investigation.)

    If you are thankful to my friend in my forum, you do not need to mention my name.


  • TheOldHippie

    Since the study articles are going to be download-able from from December onwards, then there is no use for impossible-san's services from then on, and the constant whom he trusts and whom he doesn't and whom he respects and whom he dislikes and who knows what - can be forgotten!

  • bohm

    Thank you possible san and link!

    PS: I think the problem is not what you are saying, but that you used some words that made it very hard to understand what you meant - it sounded like you asked people to be eternally thankfull to whoever prepared the pdf and, well, forever is a long time for a pdf! :-) . If you are afraid of copyright law, i think you can just start a thread here and ask someone to put it online if you mail it to him/her, or provide a link to that forum (which i havent quite gotten it to work yet).

  • possible-san

    Should I continue serving for people without appreciation?

    I think that my answer is "NO."

    Possibly my judgment was wrong again.
    I regret.

    I am thankful to you.
    I think that I need to choose those who associate.

    You have not replied to my question yet.
    Are you an active Jehovah's Witness?
    You are insincere always.


  • possible-san


    If I say the fact, all the publications of the Watch Tower society are protected by "Copyright."
    It is not only severe in Japan.
    Also in your country, and in the United States.

    The Watch Tower society has not permitted PDF's offered in the forum here.

    People should just download from "" as Mr. TheOldHippie says.
    What he says is reasonable/right.

    It was wrong that I taught you that PDF.


  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Thanks, Missinglink for the trouble. I have been able to download the PDF vcopy of the Dec 15 2009 Wt.

    Just another piece of bother if I may be indulged? I notice that I have missed the downloads from the Sept 15, Oct 15, and Nov 15 issues of the 2009 Wt. Could you, or some blessed soul out there help me by providing the appropriate links? That will complete my set of study editions for the year 2009.

    Ta, mate.


  • possible-san

    Although they are receivable whenever you are always thankful to my friend, you do not do it.

    Is saying "thank you" so difficult for you?

    Isn't it better for you to say "thank you" and to receive always?
    Not only the Watchtower in 2009 but 2010, 2011 ...

    "Arrogant people" are interfering with your always receiving it.
    And you tell those "haughty people" nothing.

    They have only the haughty heart and they do not have the wisdom for continuing receiving.

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