the Watchtower, December 15, 2009 (PDF)

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  • possible-san

    Well, the Watchtower, December 15, 2009 (PDF) is downloadable now.

    Although I had stopped notifying of those PDF files here, am I good to notify you?


  • bohm

    Cool! Can you post a link to where we can download it?

  • possible-san

    I can.

    Therefore, ...
    Should I always notify you?
    (Had I better notify you?)

    First, I am asking it to you all here.

  • Ultimate Reality
    Ultimate Reality

    Yes, can you please post links on this site to the Watchtower PDF's? It is a most valuable contribution. Thank you.

  • possible-san

    Hi, Ultimate Reality,

    I trust you.

    Usually, in my forum, we provide to only special people.
    Do you register there and can you always be thankful to him who make those PDF's?

    If you are a person who can be thankful to him, you get a permission from him and you can offer it.

    The laws (the Copyright Law) in Japan become severer from next year.
    Therefore, probably it is not the best that we link here.

  • MissingLink

    Is there anyone out there who is NOT insane or narcissistic who can share this properly? I've had enough of ass kissing. Feel free to PM.

  • possible-san

    Ms. Switch is your wife.
    Your attitude and your wife's attitude are very alike. (I think)

  • MissingLink

    A lot of people have the attitude that we should be sharing and helping freely, and not requiring an ass kissing. YOU are the odd and wrong one here PS. I think you are a disturbed individual.

    If anyone else here DOES want to be helpful - go ahead and kiss PS's ass for us all, get the files, PM them to me, and I'll use my bad attitude to share with everyone else.

  • bohm

    possible: Look, i can understand if you are afraid to get in leagal troubles and do not want to post the link. just state so and people can perhaps pm you and get the files.

    Perhaps its a poor choice of words on your part, but from what I understand you are telling us that you do not want to provide the links here, because you feel people should register on your forum out of respect for you or whoever uploaded the pdf?

  • possible-san

    Well, ...

    "ass kissing"
    There is no such unpleasant English like this.
    Probably, "the Governing Body" does not use, either.

    I am not asking for people telling me appreciation.
    I am not making those PDF's.

    My friend is making those PDF's.
    Therefore, I want you to value him.

    I say once again.

    Is requiring it of you a strange thing?

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