I am gay and Jehovah Witness

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    Oh! and this icecream advertisement from Finland has started doing the rounds. Guess this is a good place to post it:

    A young man wants to give a girl an ice cream for a treat. He has unexpected difficulties delivering the ice cream and a unexpected ending.


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    I have struggled with crossdressing all my life

    It's not that difficult, lol... once you find the right clothing size.

  • steve2

    I once had a neighbor who struggled with cross-dressing. My boyfriend and I bought him a full length dress mirror and now he struggles no more. Relax people: It's okay - it wasn't for his birthday so there was no risk of us giving the glory to him by helping him celebrate his birthday when the glory should only go to Jehovah.

  • andys

    I have an announcement to make:) I am planning way ahead of time and on halloween I am going to the gay/straight dance bar crossdressed:) I will be practiciing way ahead of time putting on makeup, will have pictures during halloween:)

    I have to say just coming out on here this is very liberating:)

  • irondork

    I tried the cross dressing thing exactly one time.

    Actually, my then roommate and I had a young drag queen (kicked out of his home) satying with us for a few weeks and he did my face up and put a wig on me. It was a frightening image in the mirror that evening, standing there in my underwear and a wig... and a decision that this "abomination" will never happen again.

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    Thanks for the excellent advice and comments. :)

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