I am gay and Jehovah Witness

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  • Newborn

    Dear yoisoy,

    Welcome. Here you are among friends and will be loved for who you are.

    I can say that it was quite easy for me to leave, even though I was in agony while doubting. I left my husband at the same time. However I had lot's of support from my parents who had already left the org. I've lost a sister though, who's still in

    I don't know how your family situation looks like but I think that you'll be, in any case, much much more happy when you leave and can be your true self. I think the hardest part is before you've decided what to do...

    Are you still active? Have you friends outside?

    Please PM me if you like to talk more. Good luck!



  • wantstoleave

    SOM - You claim Yosisy is a practicing homosexual just because he says he is gay? Where do you get off? I am straight, but it doesn't mean I am 'practicing' it. You need to get off your high horse. More flies are caught with honey than vinegar.

    Yosisoy...welcome :) Hope you can find support here.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Hi Yosisoy. Welcome to the forum.

    You don't say if you have family in. I presume you have.

    The choices are:

    Lose your family.

    Take your family out with you.

    Drift out without getting DF or DA.

    Most try to take the last option, but often end up losing their families anyway. Whatever you do, don't tell your family that you have doubts, or what those doubts are, until you have made a plan. Once you have told them you are leaving, they may cut you off and not talk to you and your chance of helping them to leave gets much harder.

    Stick around and read and ask questions.

    Don't take any notice of Son Of Man. He appears to be trying to start his own cult. We get a few people like that every now and again. Some of them are quite funny, some are just annoying and all of them are completely deluded by their visions of being chosen, or being the messiah (one of them is a Dianna Ross impersonator who was appointed the messiah when he woke up in a dumpster after a night out on booze and drugs).

    It takes all sorts to make a world (and a forum)



  • Edington

    Hello Yosisoy, welcome.

    I know first hand what you have gone through. I too was raised as a JW & knew from an early age that I was attracted to men & NOT women.

    Please feel free to express yourself here.

    SOM seems to have some serious issues of his own to deal with as far as kindness & empathy goes & should not have knocked you for six with your first post.

    Kindest wishes


  • LouBelle

    Yosisoy - welcome to the board. Are you able to make a clean break from the organisation?

    Since you mentioned nothing about christianity in your post - I won't go there.

  • chickpea

    this past summer i was undertaking
    a mainline relgion's bible study
    that focused on what the bible really
    says about the sin of sodom , which
    is so often the basis of fundie Xns'
    attacks on homosexuals..... (gen 19:1-11)

    firstly, the names of sodom
    and gomorrha are descriptive
    names of the destruction rained
    down upon these two cities

    sodom from a hebrew word for burnt
    and gomorrha meaning pile of ruins

    remember from gen 13 that abram and lot
    separated from one another as their holdings
    overlapped and contentious behaviour was
    being exhibited by their prospective herdsmen....
    lot choose to go in the direction of the river jordan...

    the city that came to be known as sodom
    was wealthy and its inhabitants greedy,
    as attested to in rabbinical writings quoting
    ezekiel 16:46-50

    This was the guilt of your sister Sodom :
    she and her daughters had pride, excess
    of food and prosperous ease, but did not
    aid the poor and needy. They were haughty
    and did abominable things before me;
    therefore I removed them when I saw it.

    further traditional rabbinical descriptions of sodom

    Rabbi Nathaniel said: The men of Sodom had no
    consideration for the honour of their Owner by
    not distributing food to the wayfarer and stranger,
    but they even fenced in all the trees on top above
    their fruit so that so that they should not be seized;
    not even by the bird of heaven...

    a point was made that the inhabitants of sodom
    were so jealous of their wealth that a stranger
    coming into their midst was suspected of desiring
    to usurp some of that wealth and they were treated
    maliciously and despicably, ie raped and robbed, in
    order to discourage their settling there... heterosexuals
    using rape in the way prison rape is used, as coercion
    and a violent show of power...

    lot apparently escaped this treatment as he brought
    his own wealth with him

    the jewish tradition teaches it was their
    overwhelming inhospitality that brought
    wrath from the heavens upon them....

    archeological evidence, or lack thereof, aside...
    the point of the lesson in this study aid called
    "Claiming the Promise" is an interpretation of
    the Sodom story that discounts the hysteria
    about "homosexuality" being the sin that incurred
    the wrath and destruction assigned to the city of the plains....

    the lesson references jesus' remarks
    in the 10th chapter of luke

    Whatever town you enter and they do not receive you, go out into the streets and say,
    ' The dust of your town that clings to our feet, even that we shake off against you.'
    Yet know this: the kingdom of God is at hand.
    I tell you, it will be more tolerable for Sodom on that day than for that town.

    the spin in this particular bible study book
    is that jesus was warning that any town
    showing a lack of hospitality would fare
    worse than sodom did for its gross failure
    to extend a cultural expectation of civility
    towards and protection of strangers....

    as far as the rest of that narrative,
    including "here, rape my virgin daughters
    instead" or the pillar of salt bitch-slap for
    singular disobedience, or the let's-get
    daddy-drunk-so-we-can-get-preggers weirdness...
    well, that is for some other line of study beyond the scope
    of "Claiming the Promise

    gotta love those books of antiquity...
    nomadic desert living sure can get exciting

    bronze age living: it's not for everyone!

  • creativhoney

    quick point.

    He stated that he was gay, so therefore is practicing it.

    Im straight but Im not seeing anyone right now. - so Im not practicing anything..

    @Son of Man, a question - are you a practicing JW or something else? (curiosity)

  • Quandary

    I have noticed that usually, when one so adamantly speaks out against homosexuality, that person has issues and/or is questioning his own sexual identity and by using all those arguments against homosexualtiy, he is really trying to convince himself. Just my two cents.

  • Quandary

    I forgot to mention, Yosisoy, Welcome!! I love Puerto Rico, especially Viejo San Juan!

  • TheSheppard

    "I would like to know how hard is to leave the organization."

    Well, "yosisoy", it is very easy. Call an elder and tell them you're gay and that you enjoy that lifestyle and walla, you will be out of the organization. Of course there are consequences for that so don't cry about that, it just comes with the decisions you make.

    All these comments about the guy that said that homosexuality is condemned in the bible are just rediculous. "You are promoting hatred, blah blah blah". No body is promoting hatred. It's just a fact that the bible shows homosexuality as a perverse practice that Jehovah hates. That's not insulting or hating, it's just stating what the bible says.

    You can try to rationalize or justify homosexuality all you want. Like the silly arguments that "some monkeys are gay", "some males dogs do it with other dogs". Those arguments (which I've ready in this forum and you can look them up) are just plain idiocy. If you want to start acting like monkeys or dogs, so be it. While you're at it, go ahead and do everything that those animals do. Just be careful what you start sniffing.

    Again, I'm not insulting, just stating an opinion. I have that right, just like you think you have the right to be a practicing homosexual. You actually do have that right as Jehovah does not force you to serve him or follow his laws. All he says is that you should be ready to face the consequences for your actions.

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