I am gay and Jehovah Witness

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  • mouthy

    Just ignore all the bible thumpers' comments. They are not here to help --- but to compound guilt.

    They can't seem to stop judging for some reason. Perhaps they would be better off in other forums.

    WELL Estee I am NOT leaving ,so avoid my posts

  • yknot

    Difficultly depends on several factors......family, friends, level of indoctrination (ie still believe they are Jah's Appointed Org)

    All in all it is about choosing how much you allow the Org to into your life and relationships.

  • minimus

    Brother Chitty was gay and a member of the Governing Body, right? Or was that Leo Greenlees?

  • yknot

    Both.....Chitty and Greenlees were gay and GB

    Percy Chapman was bisexual...

  • VoidEater

    1) Understand that the Bible condemning "homosexuality" is all interpretation. Once you realize God isn't condeming you, you can breathe a little easier. The word doesn't even exist in the Bible, nor are "gay relationships" portrayed. For $10 + shipping, see this short, easy to read book that easily dismisses the typical stuff ("What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexuality"):


    Remember, the Bible has often been used to promoted whatever a particular person wants it to, such as slavery.

    2) Understand that "homosexuality" is a part of nature and observed in many species of animal besides human.

    3) Understand that there are many other religions besides teh WTS, many of them supportive of diversity (ethnicity, orientation, gender), some of them even Christian.

    4) You are not alone.

    Leaving the organization doesn't mean leaving religion, or leaving God, or leaving Christianity - it just means leaving a narrow-minded group that believes the end of the world is about to happen.

    You might lose family members over leaving the WTS, or coming out as a gay man - that's always a possibiity - but you must balance whether living an honest, open, satisyfing life is better than hiding who you are just to please others.

    Welcome, and good luck!

  • Pineapple

    To you and all those with similar inclinations and questions,

    I am 23 yo. I "came out" in november of 2007. I served at a regular pioneer/territory servant/ sound/ magazine servant/ liturature servant/ ect. I grew up in a 5th generation JW household. Needless to say I was very deep into the JW thing. I was 21 yo when i moved out and 'came out'. I now live in seattle, WA. Please let me know if you have any questions. Id be happy to talk personally with you if you would like via IM or email or phone ect.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Welcome Yoi!! Very nice to have you! One of my best friends who used to be a pioneer is out and gay and living with her partner. Her whole family followed her out of the Borg and they are ALL very very happy now!

    I wish that for you as well!

    Leaving the organization doesn't mean leaving religion, or leaving God, or leaving Christianity

    VoidEater is right. Leaving the organization is about being true to yourself and using your free will.

    Congratulations! That sounds healthy to me!


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Here's a big old non-homophobic, welcome-to-the-forum hug for you:


    Life's too short for judgemental haters.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, you hate "the sin" but not "the sinner".

    Question for The Shepard:

    Assuming you're 100% straight and have zero attraction to guys, how much would you love Bible God if he said that your desire for women is wrong and that you've got to suppress it your entire life or face eternal destruction?


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Leaving is easy. I literally walked away.Being alone without support is the tough part. When i left, i just left. Nobody tried to stop me. I was a Ministerial servant ex pioneer, Packed by bags, left my wife, and moved into a unit. I never saw any witness personal friend again. the only brother that bothered to visit me was not a friend but became one. He visited once a week for two years until he served divorce papers and i was disfellowshipped.

    I never saw an elder again after that. Never in the last 9 years have they called in, only publishers going from door to door.

    I have seen some return to the fold because they can't cut it on the outside. After 2 years out, i began to start a new life and build new friend.

    Good luck, i see some debating over your sexuality. They are missing the point of your question i feel. You need help to 'escape' and i think you will find plenty of that on here.


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