I am gay and Jehovah Witness

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  • yosisoy

    Hello, I am Jehovah Witness and gay. I am from Puerto Rico. I would like to know how hard is to leave the organization. I need some help from people who did it.

    Thanks for your help.

  • BabaYaga

    Welcome, Yosisoy... there is plenty of support and information here throughout the forum. You might want to re-think having your personal email on the public forum where spam bots can slam you... you can edit by clicking the pencil on the right of the thread title of your post.


  • AwSnap

    Welcome. I agree with Baba...you need to take your personal email off this thread within 30 minutes of your posting. If anybody who can help you sees this, they can send you a pm (private message, which is the envelop at the top right, between your name & "logout"). Best wishes.

  • yosisoy

    Thank you.

  • AwSnap

    ....good job. I am not sure I can help you, but again I just wanted to say you are welcome here (and I do think there are some people who can offer support)

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    For starters, read this story. It deeply moved me:

    Growing up a gay Jehovah's Witness (My Life Story)


  • blondie
  • chickpea

    there are facebook groups that
    also have resources for exiting/exited
    LGBTQ JWs.... search ex jehovah's witnesses

  • mouthy

    Welcome yosisoy Glad you can join us.

    You are not alone....

    Pull up a chair & read all the good advice

    http://exjw.weebly.com/ Mouthy/ Granny/ Grace Gough

  • AdaMakawee

    The A Common Bond website is an excellent start. You'll find lots of help there from others exiting who are also gay. Take care.


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