I am gay and Jehovah Witness

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  • GromitSK

    It was really difficult when I was DFd. I had lost all of my friends and contacts when I became a JW and made new ones in the "The Truth" then I lost em all when I got booted. I couldn't discuss with my folks because they weren't witnesses anyway and no-one knew I was gay. I thought I'd never be happy and would be lonely and in the end J would destroy me. It looked bleak. Now I look back and laugh my cock off.

    I can't guarantee you a happier life than anyone else but at least it will be real :)

  • flipper

    Hello ! Welcome to the board my friend. I am straight and not a Jehovah's Witness and I welcome you with open arms to this board. Look forward to your posts. Hang in there , I know it's tough at times , but you are among friends. Look forward to your posts

  • Wilfried

    Homosexual Jehovah's Witness

    Last message was 5 years ago, sorry for digging it up !

    Just to let you know that a (huge) book is in progress about JW and homosexuality. It will be first published in french, and is called, very simply : "Témoin de Jéhovah homosexuel" (in english : Jehovah's Witness and homosexuel). About 800 pages are planned, more than 700 are already finished, and the french association UNADFI is already interessed to get it to help HJW they try to help. This really big book may be finished before the end of this year, translation in some others languages has been asked, english will be the fisrst one I think.

    The researches made in this book are very deep, the author hopes it will help all JW, homosexual or not, to completely stop feeling guilty about this situation, and to understand the origine of such homophobia from the Governing Body .

    You can have a look to the content of this book at the official web page :


    French cover :

    English cover as it could be once translated :

    A facebook page is also available :


    Kisses from France

    (sorry for my imperfect english, I'm french)

  • Fernando

    Hey yosisoy!

    The chances of you seeing this are small I know, but I'm wondering how your journey has gone.

    Best wishes


  • andys

    I need to tell everyone something on here, I don't want to give out to many personal things right now but what happened a few months ago I am going on a journey thats helping me get over all the anger that has happened to me past few years, in person I am a feminine type male, a few months ago I accpeted that I do have a feminine side and for awhile have been with the LBGT where I live, if this makes any sense I am still attracted to women but also I have my own issues that I deal with and am getting everything all ironed out, I just want to say in alot of ways I am learning to express who I truly am and not hiding it anymore.

  • jgnat

    Feminine male is not the same as homosexual, is it? I have an acquaintance who is married to a cross-dressing man. I must admit I did a double-take the first time I saw him made up.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Andys... are you Yosisoy?

    Anyways, the original poster's name is "Yosisoy" ... or YO SI SOY ... which in his region means I certainly am (gay). I could be wrong but i believe Yosisoy chose that name as an affirmation to himself that he is definately gay and that it's time to find the exit...

  • Seraphim23

    Hi andys I am a gay ex JW which I know is not exactly the same thing that you are talking about, but I wanted you to know your not on you own. We are here for you.

  • andys

    I have to reword everything, he he he, I have struggled with crossdressing all my life, its a part of me, I know that I have to be very careful about coming out of the closet about this even though I have been just about caught a few times and someday I hope to find a woman who accepts that side of me.

  • fulltimestudent

    Escape is possible, my gay XJW friend assures me. He sends you this encouraging story of his escape.



    "When i was just a princess (a little queen) a sad thing happened to me. I was tripping through the forest one day, singing my happy little maddona songs, when all of sudden I was surrounded by a gang of roving Christian bandits.

    They ripped my dress of me, saying that the big dog in the sky was not happy when little boys wore girl's dresses. Then they blindfolded me, so that I could not see the attractions of world. My mouth was forced open, and something hard pushed in deep down my throat. I found out later that it was a bible, because they said I needed to eat more spiritual food.

    Then they took me to a grim gray castle with a big tower, ruled over by a big bad dog who lived in the sky. I was kept a prisoner in the castle and forced to listen to talks about the bible and to sing their songs, instead of my happy little madonna songs.

    After a while i could remember nothing else and became a slave in the castle tower, watched over by the guardians of the tower. I was told I had to wear horrible grey suits, that made me look like a sack of potatoes. One day in desperation, I made myself a beautiful pink suit, everyone frowned at me and told me that the big grim gray dog up in the sky had sent a message that he was angy at me. He said I lacked fashion sense. I cried and burnt my beautiful bright pink suit.

    In time, I nearly forgot my previous happy little princess life. I earned the trust of the guardians of the roving Christian bandits. Then they took me out with them to trap other happy little queens.

    But one day, I fell into a deep fever, and in my sickness, (which the guardians said was a spiritual sickness) I had a sudden vision of my life long ago, and remembered what a happy little queen I had once been, before being captured by the roving Christian bandits.

    Tears fell from eyes, I felt so sad that I had never had the chance to grown up to be a BIG queen. I cried out in my anguish and thought that i could never escape from the grim gray castle.

    BUT someone had heard my anguished cries and understood the terror in my heart in being forced to spend the rest of my life in the big dog's grim gray tower.

    The next moment my Prince Charming appeared before before me. He said, "Oh! little queen, I've been looking everywhere for you. and, at last I've found you locked up by the wicked, roving, Christian bandits in the big dog's grim gray tower"

    "Oh! dear Prince Charming," I cried, " if only you had come sooner, I fear it is too late, I've forgotten how to be a happy little queen."

    "It's never, never, too late to be a queen", my prince charming told me... "just close your eyes, you sweet little thing, and I will give you a magic potion that will make all things new for you".

    I shut my eyes, expectantly! My Prince Charming asked me to open my mouth. I nearly refused, with my bad memories of the bible being forced down my throat, but filled with a bright hope for a better future, I opened my mouth - and ... (censored, censored, censored) ... The moment I tasted it, I knew that is was what i should have had in my mouth all my life.

    My PC sighed and prayed. "Oh! bright and happy good fairy in the sky ", he said fervently, " this little queen is a natural - she does it so well"

    The grim gray castle and its tower began to dissolve in front of me, and the big gray dog fell out of heaven, and drowned in the deep sea. And, I found that I was going back to the days of my youth. "Hallelujah!" I sang.

    Oh happy, happy days ... when next I opened my eyes, the big bad dog's castle and tower had totally gone. Wonderful music with a heavy beat filled the air. My feet started to move in a way I thought that I had forgotten, and the empty space where the grim gray castle and tower once stood, was suddenly full of beautiful dancing boys, dancing without clothes.

    "Come here, princess," one of the dancing boys called. He helped me out of my ugly grey suit, and started to dance with me.

    He whispered in my ear, "Hey! I've never seen you around here before, you're so cute" and I was filled with a deep joy. I started to sing a new song, "Rejoice, rejoice", I sang, " All the boys of the world are at hand

    And I lived happily ever after.

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