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  • wavvy

    And then these young, inexperienced men are given the responsibility of counselling people with marriage problems, mental health problems....

    The organisation creates mini-Hitlers out of innocent young men. It's like the Hitler Youth brigades, and I have the greatest respect for any who are strong enough to eventually escape the brainwashing and admit their mistakes.

  • OnTheWayOut

    OTWO: Some elders do think ouside the box, and are not 'Do-More' maniacs. But you are right, it is an insignificant minority.

    Winstonchurchill, I was one of those "outside the box" elders. I tried not to recommend that depressed people do more. I told people that needed to miss meetings that they needed to care for their family or their personal things or their health. I gave people every chance to say the right thing just to end the matter whenever "we" were looking into their possible WT-defined sins.

    But I wanted to empathize with the thread subject. For the majority, elders are that way.

  • flipper

    STYXX - Welcome to the board - I think. Dude - you would do yourself some good to develop some social skills and good table manners regarding communication. Dissing All Time Jeff as you did is certainly not going to earn you any brownie buttons around here. That being said - I doubt that you care, so why waste my breath ?

    So are you inferring that you WERE NOT one of these elders like all the other " position seeking " elders you mentioned ? Or were you ever an elder yourself ? Listen - Most of these guys here on the board understand and realize how much damage they did when they were part of the mind control cult Jehovah's Witnesses. They don't need someone like you coming on and pouring lemon juice in their wounds which they themselves carry the guilt around for after they exited the cult and moved on in life trying to get away from the sad thinking they were told to have inside the WT cult.

    You need to educate yourself about WHAT CONTROLLED THESE ELDERS when they USED TO BE in the witnesses . I'm sure you were just as mind controlled as they were and all the rest of the witnesses. It's time for all of us to move on

  • monkeyman


    For what its worth............I loved your story. You're a good writer too. We have a lot in common and your words reminded me a lot of my own story. Being on this site has given me the insight that my story was not some wierd anomaly, but that others like you shared a common thread. It was refreshing.

    I spent a lifetime learning how to be a good elder. I had an amazing mentor who I still love and respect. He gave me insight on how to really be of benefit to the friends. Many approached me with their problems and I was pretty good at helping them.

    Then I got caught up in a power struggle and was removed for a ridiculous reason. I spent 10 yrs in a funk and have just now somewhat emerged from it.

    Styxx is way off base in his concept of being an elder. He sounds a lot like the morons who removed me.

    Keep up the posts.

    I like reading what you have to say.

    Shut up Styxx

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Welcome aboard Styxx.

    At least you realize its all bullshit now and are on the road to recovery - and on your way out of the cult.

    That is why you're here isn't it?

    Hopefully you can get out sooner than later and you can begin thoroughly enjoying life again. Life is far too short to stay bitter.

    And what a wonderful life it is when you are truly free the tentacles of the WTBS! The word euphoric often comes to mind when I consider where I am now, compared to where I was just a short while ago!

    After my awakening, I spent the last few years of my long tenure as an elder, trying to truly help the innocent people trapped inside this psychologically damaging cult. I did this partly out of guilt for playing such a significant role in the organization, and thus wanting to "atone for my sins", and partly out of a sincere desire to help all the people I cared about. I wanted them to come to the same conclusions I did. I wanted to save them from the dangers of this cult. I wanted them to wake up, like I did. I have absolutely no regrets for hanging in there and toughing it out for a while. It wasn't easy, but I know that I was able to help a lot of people at least come to the realization that the "society" is not infallible, and that it is okay to think for yourself and make your own decisions. However, I am confident that this will only be a force for good as time rolls on, and that many more will eventually break free from the mind control of the JWs.

    Peace to you Styxx. I sincerely hope your journey out of the WTBS will gain speed so you can find true peace.

    The Oracle

  • besty
    Shut up Styxx

    I like monkeyman - he seems to have a way with words.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    marking for later...

  • the_dude_abides

    Styxx immediately damns Jeff for his "shallow motivations" in wanting to serve as an elder and for his abuses of power in that position. Styxx also sites his own "pure motives" for becoming a JW and his suffering at the hands of the evil power hungry elders.

    It just ain't that black and white Styxx.

    Some elders are good, well meaning men who sacrificed much to do the best job they could for the congregation, spending many hours trying to turn silk purses out of sow's ears with the material they were given to present to the congregation, did their utmost to treat people with kindness and understanding and to act as a buffer between those elders who tended to be bullies and the publishers. My husband was one of those. You will never understand the sacrifices made and calories spent unselfishly serving the congregation by those who were sincere.

    There are also those elders who are the type that when they get a badge, they want to "clean up dodge" and cause much damage with their judgmental, unmerciful and pharisaical attitude toward the "flock". They are usually the ones who are not very bright, are not good teachers and tend to resort to "hellfire and damnation" in their talks, because that is their view of the greater unwashed and of God.

    The former elders who post here well understand the mistakes they made as elders. They understand that many of the decisions they made were detrimental to individuals involved and they are sorry. That is why they left.

    They were following a rule book written by nine old men in Brooklyn. My guess is that some of these men are just uncaring about the rank and file and their main motivation is the protection of their corporation. Others on the GB just don't have a clue about life in the real world, they may want to change things but cower in fear of the more dominant personalities on the GB.

    But hey Styxx, since you are the only one with "pure motives", please feel free to throw the first stone.

    Btw, where is Styxx?

  • whoknows

    The post above by "the dude abides" is actually by me, whoknows. My son was logged on and I posted as him by mistake. damn him for using my laptop.

  • mrsjones5

    Wow! A hit-and-run generates 4 pages and the author has yet to repond. Styxx you should be proud.

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